Simple Android UI&IO Utility
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Resource && Example

     cd  web 
     node start


Http Request && Cache && schedule automatic

    //the http request will be canceled after activity finished
    //and auto paused after the activity is paused when the task is pauseable.
    //and auto resume after the activity is resume again.
    Cancelable task = UIO.get(new Callback<MyClass>(){
        //http stream will be auto parsed and mapping to you standard javabean object.
         public void callback(MyClass javabean){
         public void error(Throwable ex, boolean callbackError){
    // and you can cancel it any time by yourself
    // task.cancel();

    // double callback (cache first show and update on need)
    Cancelable task = UIO.get(new CacheCallback<MyClass>(){
         public boolean cache(MyClass javabean){
            //TODO: on cache parsed!
            //return true, means cache data is accept. http request is ignored(callback is called with null arguments)
            return true;
         public void callback(MyClass javabean){
            //TODO: on new network result(null for not modified data)
         public void error(Throwable ex, boolean callbackError){

    // post file
    Cancelable task = Callback<MyClass>(){
         public void callback(MyClass javabean){
            //TODO: upload success!
         public void error(Throwable ex, boolean callbackError){
    }, url, fileName, file);

Image Bind

    //the image url will auto load and parse and set as the drawable for the imageView 
    //if the image url is a animated gif,then it is show as a movie!

    //you can set the drawableFactory for the image loading(getLoadingDrawable) and process(such as radious, shawdown....)
    //and set the fallback drawable for the action

    //you can set the callback for the bind action(callback on image load(or cached) and bind to image view)
    UIO.bind(imageView, imageUrl,drawableFactory,fallbackResourceId,  callback);//Callback<Drawable> 


  • KeyValueStorage

    Replace the SharePreferences interface. the keyValueStroage is a dsl for typed key value stroage.

        // defined kevaluestorage
        public interface GlobalSetting extends KeyValueStorage<GlobalsConfig>{
             * 设置名为age,类型为int属性,默认值为0 
            public int getAge();
            public void setAge(int age);

             * 设置一个默认值为1024的属性 
            public int getCacheLength();
            public GlobalSetting setCacheLength(int value);

             * 设置一个bool值,setter 可以返回 当前对象,方便连续调用, 如: 
             * myStorage.beginTransaction().setCacheLength(65536).setCacheEnable(false).commit();
            public boolean getCacheEnable();
            public GlobalSetting setCacheEnable(boolean b);

     // use the key value storage

         //return the same instance anywhere!!
         GlobalSetting globalSetting = UIO.getKeyValueStorage(GlobalSetting.class);
         int age = globalSetting.getAge()    
  • SQLiteMapping

    a simple ormapping.

  • Network State
    • network state getter
        * UIO.isInternetConnected()
        * UIO.isWifiConnected()
        * UIO.getMobileGeneration()
  • and listener register

    * UIO.Ext.addWifiCallback(Callback<Boolean> wifiAvaliableCallback);
    * UIO.Ext.addNetworkCallback(Callback<Boolean> networkAvaliableCallback);
    * UIO.Ext.removeWifiCallback && UIO.Ext.removeNetworkCallback(callback)
    • other utility
    * UIO.showTips("short show");   //show toast and clear on activity destroyed
    * UIO.showLongTips("long show");    
    * UIO.get???? //others

Other Documents


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