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Gated Orthogonal Recurrent Unit implementation in tensorflow
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Gated Orthogonal Recurrent Unit

This model combines gating mechanism and orthogonal RNN approach. It solves forgetting problem and long-term dependency.

If you find this work useful, please cite arXiv:1706.02761.


requires TensorFlow 1.2.0


To use GORU in your model, simply copy

Then you can use GORU in the same way you use built-in LSTM:

from goru import GORUCell
cell = GORUCell(hidden_size, capacity, fft)


  • hidden_size: Integer.
  • capacity: Optional. Integer. Only works for tunable style.
  • fft: Optional. Bool. If True, GORU is set to FFT style. Default is True.

Example tasks for GORU

We put two examples toy tasks: copying task and denoise task

Copying Memory Task

python --model GORU

Denoise Task

python --model GORU
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