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Slippy - HTML Slides

Demo / Documentation

See the example slide deck live on


If you like this piece of software, please consider contributing back with Flattr or Pledgie:

Click here to lend your support to slippy and make a donation via !

Code contributions or ideas are obviously also much welcome.


Navigate, double click anywhere, press space or use the left/up and right/down arrow keys

Go to a slide directly, press number keys and then enter

Get an overview, press escape, tab or delete then click on a slide to go straight to it


Jordi Boggiano - -


  • 1.0.0

    • Switched license to BSD
    • Slide decks files are now standalone html files that don't need php
      • However it is recommended if you have code blocks since it will convert html special chars automatically
      • Note that this breaks compatibility with previous slide decks, since the js/css files have to be included by hand in it now
    • Added layout functionality, see the slide on layouts in the example deck for docs
    • Added parameters to the main slippy js command that enable users to easily tweak/override things, see example file
    • Added swipe/double-tap support on touch devices
    • Splitted css in structural/theme stylesheets for easy customization
    • Improved the default theme for better readability on projectors
    • Auto-sizing to the browser dimensions
    • Added page up, page down support for prev/next slide, and home/end to go to the begining or end of presentaiton
    • Animations are going the right way now when using overview/direct input and going backwards
    • Added a template to render the slide repository page
    • Added a packager that embeds everything for easy distribution of slides as one html file
    • JS Alerts are now cleared when changing slide, but stay visible longer
    • Fixed bug preventing "0" to be used to switch to slides
  • 0.9.0

    • Initial Public Release


Slippy is licensed under the New BSD License, which means you can do pretty much anything you want with it - However, I encourage you to share your slides and stylesheets if you make some, but there is no obligation whatsoever.

New BSD License - see the src/LICENSE file for details


It should work with all browsers, except for the overview function that does not work in IE8 and below.

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