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IDS721 Final Project: Covid Prediction


In this project, we built a machine learning model to predict the number of Covid positive cases and deployed it on Flask. The Flask app is deployed on Google App Engine and can be accessed through a public url. We also verified the elastic scale-up performance via Load Test with Locust.

The workflow of this project is as below:

Here is an image of the frontend website:
CleanShot 2021-04-20 at 22 06 08 Here is an image of the load test result:
CleanShot 2021-04-20 at 21 42 03

How to build from scratch

To deploy this ML model and Flask app on Google Cloud Platform, you can follow these steps:

Set up project

Launch Google Cloud Platform, create a new project. Change your current project to it and activate Cloud Shell.
Git clone this repository to your GCP local and cd into it.

Run this app locally

Create a virtual environment and activate it. (To deactivate it, run deactivate).

make set-up
source ~/.covid_venv/bin/activate

Install the required packages.

make install

Run this app, the flask app will be running on


You can test it from the frontend website or send a POST request to the running app through a script.


Deploy this app on GCP

(optional) Verfiy the current project is working. Switch your project if it's not what you want.

gcloud projects describe $GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT
gcloud config set project $GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT

Create app engine in GCP.

gcloud app create 

When it asks you to choose a region, select one(in my case is 14 us-central). Type "yes" when it asks you to continue.
Deploy this app on cloud, the app will be running on the provided public url.

gcloud app deploy

You can test it from the frontend website or send a POST request to the running app through a script. Remember to change the website address in


Load Test with locust

Run following command, the locust server will be running on


Go to the webpage, fill out the form and try to test it.



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