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eclipse themes - darker


A dark theme for Eclipse 4.2+.

It intends to provide the experience like shown in the IDEA 12's darcula theme(exper experimentally.

NOTE: I have not enough bandwith now to add a full-fledged configuration for it. I am only planning to add fixings and a little tweakings to types of file(like .txt, soon) to mock darcula' color theme. However, this plugin is easy to modify. I suggest you modify the color string in the sources directly, then enable it by building it for yourself.


  • [2013-05-08] - Darker 1.1 is available for updating. The issue #11, issue #14 have been fixed. And new OSGI weaving based hooking engine has been adde into the Darker.
  • [2013-02-06] - new snapshot is available for updating. The issue #4, issue #6, issue #8 have been fixed.
  • [2013-01-30] - long-waiting update site added:)
  • [2013-01-02] - thanks to John's update site configurations.
  • [2012-12-28] - an update site will come soon:)

Update site for the darker plugin
  • Consult the wiki page about how to use update site to install the plugin or ask Google:)

Philosophy of this plugin projects is:


Simplest to consume(for end users) or contribute(for devs).

shows the bleeding edge sides of the Eclipse 4.x platform

Building the plugin using maven

The plugin has support for headless maven/tycho builds. Simply run mvn clean install in the projects root directory.



Eclipse Public License - v 1.0.