A compiler for the compiler course. The source language is a mixture of C and Java. The target is x86 assembly.
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Maple: A Compiler Translate Mx* Language into X86 Assembly

Project of MS208 Compiler

A PDF to introduce my compiler (written in Chinese): Presentation.pdf

Please refer to this course wiki for details: https://acm.sjtu.edu.cn/wiki/Compiler_2017

Mx* Language

Mx* is a hybriding language of C and Java. Documents of Mx* Language: M_language_manual.pdf


Abstract Syntax Tree

Intermediate language

ASM Generation


cd Maple
bash codegen.bash
[Enter your code]
[End with control + d]


cd Maple
bash codegen.bash

class TA{
	string state;
	int anger;
int init_anger = 100;
int work_anger = 10;
void work(string st, TA ta)
	if (ta.anger <= 100) println(st + ", " + ta.state + " enjoys this work. XD");
	else println(st + ", " + ta.state + " wants to give up!!!!!");
	ta.anger = ta.anger + work_anger;
int main()
	TA mr;
	TA mars;
	mr = new TA;
	mr.state = "the leading TA";
	mr.anger = 0;
	mars = new TA;
	mars.state = "the striking TA";
	mars.anger = init_anger;
	work("MR", mr);
	work("Mars", mars);
	work("Mars", mars);

[End with control + d]