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It's a Chrome extension combining GTD and Pomodoro technique. Specifically it integrates the planing on with actions on


Online install

If you can access Chrome Web Store, install pomodoit by this link.

Offline install

If you can not access Chrome Web Store, for instance, if you're in China, follow the steps below to install pomodoit on your own.

  1. Download the source zip.
  2. Unzip it to some folder named SOME_FOLDER.
  3. Paste chrome://extensions/ to Google Chrome's address bar and press enter.
  4. Make sure "Developer Mode" is checked.
  5. Click "Load Unpacked Extension".
  6. Find $SOME_FOLDER, then click open.


  • After installation, goto extension setting at chrome-extension://nicplokppngheaejhggneaclnojhmkag/options.html to:
    • correctly set your server, from which your synced Pomotodo tasks would come.
    • and save your Pomotodo access token from Personal Access Token,
  • Make sure you are logged in both and, and then your tasks would be synced every time you start/restart Google Chrome and every 30 minutes after Chrome start/restart.


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