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KadOH is a framework to build P2P applications for browsers and node.js. By implementing the basis of the Kademlia DHT, KadOH lets you build distributed web applications for mobile and desktop devices. With its flexible and extensible design, you can easily adapt KadOH to fit your needs. KadOH is available under the MIT License.

API references



Install KadOH

The only required dependency is node.js. Take a look at the official manual to install node on your system.

Then run :

npm install kadoh
# or: git clone https://github.com/jinroh/kadoh.git
cd kadoh
npm install

You may also want to install the Jake module globally :

npm install -g jake

For Linux users, if the installation of KadOH's dependencies fails, you may need to install the libexpat-dev package. For Ubuntu/Debian users, run the following command :

sudo apt-get install libexpat-dev

Build and go


To build the source inside the dist folder run one of the following Jake command :

jake build

This will build two versions of KadOH supporting different transports :

  • SimUDP using Socket.io
  • XMPP using Strophe.js for XMPP over Bosh


If you need to use KadOH in a node.js application, just add kadoh in your package dependencies and use :

var kadoh = require('kadoh');


We would like to thank Dr. Tudor Dumitraş, who gave us the honor to work with him during our project and always made available his support.

KadOH is built on top of many open-source libraries and projects:


Alexandre Lachèze and Pierre Guilleminot