A curated list of action recognition and related area resources
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Awesome Action Recognition: Awesome

A curated list of action recognition and related area (e.g. object recognition, pose estimation) resources, inspired by awesome-computer-vision.


Action Recognition

Summary posts

Video Representation

Action Classification

Temporal Action Detection

Spatio-Temporal Action Detection

Ego-Centric Action Recognition


Action Recognition Datasets

Video Annotation

Object Recognition

Object Detection

Video Object Detection

  • [Detect to Track and Track to Detect] - C. Feichtenhofer et al., ICCV2017. [code], [project web]
  • [Flow-Guided Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection] - X. Zhu et al., ICCV2017. [code], aka FGFA

Video Object Detection Datasets

Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation




To the extent possible under law, Jinwoo Choi has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


Please read the contribution guidelines. Then please feel free to send me pull requests or email (jinchoi@vt.edu) to add links.