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##Vrome - Bringing Vim's elegance to Chrome

Vrome is a Vim keybindings extension for Chrome. Designed to provide a more efficient browsing experience, Vrome comes with its own additions that will surprise you.

Vim and Vimperator/Pentadactyl users will feel right at home.

What's new?

Getting started

  • install it from the Chrome Web Store
  • type ':' and voila!
  • you just upgraded your chrome with vim power!

if you had some tabs open already, just refresh them to make them respond to vrome.

Keybindings for:

  • URL navigation
  • Tab manipulation
  • Key Marks + bookmarks
  • Page navigation + Scrolling + Zoom + Search
  • History
  • External editor support
  • and much, much more

Important notes:

  • Chrome does not allow extensions to run in the Chrome Webstore, Settings/Extensions page or "New Tab" page!
  • Vrome is an open-source project. We do not log your personal information! All required permissions are used for features. You can check the source code here:
  • After install/upgrade, please refresh all tabs to enable all/new Vrome features. Tip: use "<C-r>" (Control + R) to refresh a tab, then try Vrome command "R" to refresh all tabs.
  • Please enable Vrome in incognito mode in order to use commands that require incognito. Check chrome://extensions page.
  • Type <F1> for Help page.


  • (Recommended) Install the latest stable Vrome from Chrome Web Store. Afterwards, extension will be automatically updated when a new version is available!
  • (Manual) From source:
    • Make sure ruby, npm, git are installed
    • git clone git://
    • Install coffee-script with npm npm install -g coffee-script
    • Install Bundler with rubygems gem install bundler
    • Run bundle install
    • Run bundle exec rake build
    • Load this extension from chrome://extensions/ page

Improve it!

Like Vrome? Improve it by:

Hack it!

  • Install Vrome from source
  • Run bundle exec guard
  • That's all, all changes you made will apply to your browser automatically!

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Boris Petrov