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2.9.11 (2016/02/02)

  • Open new tab in background, add set follow_new_tab=1 to options to open it in frontend

2.9.9 (2016/02/02)

  • Fix goto buffer
  • Fix security issue

2.9.8 (2014/04/03)

  • Fix can't open relative path
  • Fix need to type < twice in textarea
  • Fix <C-v><C-f> doesn't work in Mac OS
  • Fix open in external editor doesn't work in gmail
  • Lots of minor fixes

2.9.7 (2014/03/07)

  • Add option disable_autofocus which tries to prevent web pages from focusing some input field when loaded.
  • Vrome now will try to scroll every page the "correct" way; you can click on any element that is scrollable and it will scroll it
  • Updates to the search feature - lots of optimizations; it shows a notification on search wrap; it displays if there is a single result; ability to click on the page after the search is initiated and finding the next match continues from there; and more
  • Add option completion_items - it supports the following options: "url,search-engine,bookmarks,history,search". Any could be added/removed and in any order and then results from completion will be filtered and ordered accordingly.
  • Add option debug which reloads the extension while developing it. For normal use do NOT set this
  • Lots of optimizations here and there
  • Lots of minor fixes

2.9.6 (2013/12/25)

  • Add option follow_new_tab, follow new tab opened by t/T/F or <C-Enter> if its value is 1, default is 1.
  • Change <Enter>'s behavior in search mode. Press once to leave command box, press again to open current focused link

2.9.5 (2013/11/18)

  • Fix lost characters when type fast when open url

2.9.4 (2013/08/26)

  • O/T editing the URL of the current page.

2.9.3 (2013/07/22)

  • No need press Enter when open Quick Marks with go|gn
  • Fix vrome with mime-type text/xml pages

2.9.2 (2013/07/08)

  • Use Coffee Script to rewrite the whole project
  • This version would broken custom css/javascript configurations, looking for a better soluation in version 3
  • Improved command line mode
  • New help page (haven't finish yet, wait version 3)
  • Add gr/gR to open referer URL
  • Add <M-d>, same as P, but focus the new tab
  • Add <M-b>, delete tabs don't match keyword
  • Add <M-(y|u|i|o)> to delete forward/backward char/word in insert mode
  • Add <M-(n|m)> to move next/previous line in insert mode
  • Add <M-z> to undo changes in insert mode
  • Add lots of commands for command line mode
  • Bug Fixes

2.0.2 (2013/02/04)

  • Fix can't save option page
  • Fix Font error in gmail/youtube

2.0.1 (2013/02/04)

  • Fix <M-d> close current and focus last visited tab
  • Fix <C-y> to shorten URL

2.0.0 (2013/02/03)

  • New help page, press <F1> to check it
  • Add some commands to CmdLine
  • Rewitten quick mark features
  • New short keys in InsertMode. <M-{hjkl}> to move a char/word, <M-{yuio}> to delete a char/word
  • New short keys for tab. <ge>, <gq>, <dW>, <gm>, <gM> and more...
  • Add Hassen Ben Tanfous as author! Thank you!

1.1.2 (2012/04/10)

  • [Url] Fix open, search multibyte characters (Thanks Takashi Sakai)

1.1.1 (2012/03/29)

  • [Hint] Configurable hintkeys, e.g:, refer Features -> Hints Mode for more (Thanks Brandon Goldsworthy)

1.1.0 (2012/03/16)

  • [Hint] Faster Hint Mode (Thanks Keryn Knight)
  • [Open] Escape special characters when open a url (issue #117)
  • [Open] Recognize "localhost" as valid URL (issue #118)
  • [Open] Fix open part of the URL you inputed when you input very fast or search history very slow (issue #116)
  • [Vromerc] Fix can't use Function keys as map key in .Vromerc (issue #109)
  • [AutoComplete/Vromerc] Available to change the hotkey to go to the next/previous/next 10/previous 10 matched item. Example: (issue #102)

1.0.3 (2012/03/06)

  • <C-r> Refresh page without cached content (Thanks Lukasz Wrzosek)

1.0.2 (2012/02/27)

  • Faster Search (Thanks YorikSar)
  • In order to Fix <C-Esc> is mapped to open Start menu in Windows, make the enable Vrome key customizable. You need to add something like below to your .Vromerc from option page.

    set enable_vrome_key=<Esc>

1.0.1 (2012/02/09)

  • Fix scroll issues with 'G' that caused by chrome's update

1.0.0 (2012/01/01)

  • The first public and stable release after two more years development!

    We did lots of changes in this release, suggest you to read the README once again.

    But I would like to list those abandon key binding from old versions:

    • "d" is not supported to close current tab now. use "dc" for that.

      (Because we have added some hotkeys started with "d". "dc", "dm", "do", "dl", "dr", "dp", "dP". refer Features for detail)

    • <Esc> is not supported to enable Vrome after disabled it with <C-z>. use <C-Esc> (Control+Esc) for that.

      (Because <Esc> is used much often than <C-Esc>)