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change motto #128

hbt opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hassen Ben Tanfous Jinzhu
Hassen Ben Tanfous
hbt commented

Current motto is "The most cool, featured Vim keybindings extension for Chrome you could found"

I suggest we change to something shorter OR at least fix the typo "The most cool, featured Vim keybindings extension for Chrome you can find"

Here are a few suggestions:

  • "Vrome: Efficient browsing"
  • "Vrome: Browse efficiently"
  • "Vrome: Smart browsing"
  • "Vrome: Bringing Vim beauty to Chrome"
  • "Vrome: Vim Keybindings to Chrome"
  • "Vrome: Faster, Smarter, Efficient web browsing"
  • "Vrome: Browsing with a mouse is for suckers"

A motto should be short, indicate key philosophical stand points or principals we stand for and show personality.

@jinzhu let me know what do you think and feel free to suggest a motto of your own


Jinzhu jinzhu was assigned

I just want to be clear when I see the motto. "Vrome is a vim extension for chrome."

So maybe this one "Vrome: Bringing Vim beauty to Chrome", looks cool for me, any ideas?

Hassen Ben Tanfous
hbt commented

sounds good.

I will slightly modify it to "Vrome: Bringing Vim elegance to Chrome"

Elegance means beauty + simplicity + efficiency. Frequently used to describe code, algorithms or mathematical proofs.

I will update the wiki + README

I will let you update the Web Store


Hassen Ben Tanfous hbt closed this

Ok, I would update the Web store in the next release. (the description is written in the code, under src/manifest_pretty.json)

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