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Helium is a helper library for Appcelerator Titanium. Helium stands back to back with Titanium to rip off the programming equivalent of a soaring metal guitar harmony. Helium provides facilities for:

  • Component-oriented UI construction
  • Externalizing and re-using UI properties
  • Smarter script loading
  • Visual and non-visual unit testing
  • JavaScript-y localization (coming soon)
  • Ajax (coming soon)
  • Utilities for persisting JavaScript object graphs
  • Improved application level messaging
  • Spontaneous generation of rainbows and unicorns

Helium is maintained separately from Appcelerator Titanium, and is not currently supported by Appcelerator through any premium or community support offerings (though we're happy to help the community out as best we can).


Check out the docs folder in this repository for API documentation and usage instructions.

Running Helium

Rename Resources/tests/config.js.example to Resources/tests/config.js - empty string in TEST_SUITE indicates that full test suite should be run - you can specify a suite here as well. If you set RUNDEMO to true, you'll launch the Helium demo app instead.

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