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Monologue: the changelog!

(for upgrade informations, see


  • a bug fix due to the new URL pattern


  • there was a regression with RSS feed URLs. It is now fixed and there is a test assuring this bug will never come back. It is part of the new 0.1.2 version. Sorry!


0.1.0: initial release (May 5, 2012)


  • Rails mountable engine (fully named spaced)
  • tested
  • back to basics: few features
  • it has post revisions (no UI to choose published revision yet, but it keeps your modification history)
  • it has few external dependencies (no Devise or Sorcery, etc…) so we don't face problem integrating with existing Rails app.(Rails mountable engines: dependency nightmare?)
  • comments are handled by disqus
  • enforcing Rails cache for better performance (only supports file store for now)
  • runs on Heroku
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