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Upgrade Monologue

0.4.0 to 0.5.0

  • No update required

0.3.0 to 0.4.0

  • Change of syntax for configuration. Please use Monologue::Config instead of the old Monologue module

from 0.2.x to 0.3

If you use monologue-markdown, you must upgrade it first. Once the gems has been upgraded to latest versions:

  1. $bundle exec rake monologue_markdown:install:migrations
  2. $bundle exec rake monologue:install:migrations
  3. $bundle exec rake db:migrate

Then if you have customized some views, make sure that you are not using the Monologue::PostRevision object that was removed in favor of the Monologue::Post object.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to run Deface's precompile rake task too! bundle exec rake deface:precompile

from 0.1.0 to 0.1.1

  • once the gem has been upgraded to 0.1.1, run
  1. $bundle exec rake monologue:install:migrations # this will remove mount point
  2. $bundle exec rake db:migrate

If you made changes in Monologue's post views, you will want to change all @revision.url to @revision.full_url and revision.url to revision.full_url.