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Initializer sample

In config/initializers/monologue.rb:

Version 0.4.X+

Major and important change starting with Monologue 0.4.0, configurations will be done with a config block. You need to change your previous configuration. It should not be a big deal. Here is an example (taken from the dummy app):

Monologue.config do |config|
  config.site_name = "My blog"
  config.site_subtitle = "my own place online"
  config.site_url = ""

  config.meta_description = "This is my blog about..."
  config.meta_keyword = "music, fun"

  config.admin_force_ssl = false
  config.posts_per_page = 10
  config.preview_size = 1000

  config.disqus_shortname = "my_disqus_shortname"

  config.twitter_locale = "en" # "fr"
  config.facebook_like_locale = "en_US" # "fr_CA"
  config.google_plusone_locale = "en"

  # config.layout               = "layouts/application"

  # config.gauge_analytics_site_id = "YOUR COGE FROM GAUG.ES"
  # config.google_analytics_id = "YOUR GA CODE"

  config.sidebar = ["latest_posts", "latest_tweets", "categories", "tag_cloud"]

  config.twitter_username = "myhandle"
  config.facebook_url = ""
  config.facebook_logo = 'logo.png'
  config.google_plus_account_url = ""
  config.linkedin_url = ""
  config.github_username = "myhandle"
  config.show_rss_icon = true


Version 0.2.0+

Monologue.sidebar              = ["latest_posts", "latest_tweets"]   # this will add the latests posts and latests tweets in the right sidebar.
Monologue.show_rss_icon        = true # will show the RSS icon (with link) in the header)
Monologue.facebook_url         = "" # if set, this will enable Facebook icon and link it to your Facebook page.
Monologue.google_plus_account_url = "" # if set, this will enable Google+ icon and link it to that URL.
Monologue.linkedin_url         = "" # if set, will enable Linked In icon and link to this URL.
Monologue.github_username      = ""  # if set, will enable Github icon and link to this URL.
Monologue.gauge_analytics_site_id = "" # add your []( id here to enable it.
Monologue.facebook_logo           = 'logo.png'  # used in the open graph protocol to display an image when a post is liked

Also, starting from 0.2, you might need to configure some cache stuff here.

See wiki here.

Version 0.1.1+

Monologue.layout               = "layouts/monologue/application" # set the layout you want to use if you want to use your main_app layout

Version 0.1.0+

Monologue.site_name            = "This is my blog"
Monologue.site_subtitle        = "I write about..."
Monologue.site_url             = ""
Monologue.disqus_shortname     = "example_disqus_username" # register on if you don't have one
Monologue.meta_description     = "This is the description that will be seen on Google by default for the main page"
Monologue.meta_keyword         = "those, are, meta, key, words, that, you, should, enter, comma, delimited, just, like, this"
Monologue.twitter_username     = "twitter_user_name"
Monologue.twitter_locale       = "en" # This is the locale for twitter. "en" for english or "fr" for french. There is much more!
Monologue.facebook_like_locale = "en_US" # same, but for facebook. French is "fr_CA"
Monologue.google_plusone_locale = "en" # same for Google +
Monologue.admin_force_ssl       = true # that can be set to false if you don't have SSL, but it is not recommended
Monologue.posts_per_page      = 5 # OPTIONAL: number of posts per page on main page. It defaults to 10 currently
Monologue.google_analytics_id  = "GA-CODE-HERE" # OPTIONAL: Your Google Analytics code should be here if you have one.