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Replacing default bulk image uploading with an Ajaxy, one by one, upload method to prevent timeouts
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Properly reload the image modal for the various scenarios
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refinerycms-imajax: extension for Refinery CMS.

This is a small and simple extension that replaces the default behavior for image uploading in Refinery CMS. By default, all images are uploaded on a single form post. That can lead to timeouts on Heroku (to name one) if you upload too many files at once. What refinerycms-imajax does is simply uploading the files one by one. It will only work with modern browsers that supports FileList and FormData (Chrome is one that supports those) but it will fallback to default behavior.


You are expected to have a Rails project with Refinery 2 (>= 2.0.0 but only tested with 2.0.2).


Add refinerycms-imajax to your Gemfile:

gem 'refinerycms-imajax'


$ bundle install
$ rails s

It should now work!


  • Set valid file types based on image model validation (in Images::validate from
  • Manage locales and remove hard coded messages
  • Add a progress bar for each file maybe?
  • Setup TravisCI to test over multiple Ruby, Rails and Refinery versions
  • Fix Capybara so that it can test multiple file uploads


There is only one request spec actually which is a copy of the refinerycms-images gem. Why? It is not currently possible to test multiple file uploads with Capybara:

Run tests

  1. You need a dummy app first:

    $ bundle exec rake refinery:testing:dummy_app
  2. Run tests:

    $ bundle exec rake
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