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Welcome to the JIProlog development wiki!

JIProlog is a Prolog interpreter, pure Java 100%, cross-platform and Open Source.

JIProlog offers a high degree of compliance with official and de facto Prolog standards. It also supports built-in predicates and other features common to major Prolog systems.

JIProlog enhances the Java platform by adding the power of Prolog language and extends Prolog by adding the Java framework.

JIProlog integrates Prolog and Java languages in a very fashinating way. It allows calling Prolog predicates from Java without dealing with native code (JNI) and allows invoking Java methods from Prolog as they were predicates.

JIProlog supplies a complete API to link Prolog and Java languages from both sides. Such API is composed by three parts:

  • Java calls Prolog;
  • Prolog calls Java;
  • Prolog links JDBC databases.

By design, JIProlog is compliant with Web 3.0 and the mobile world.

The home of JIProlog is: http://www.jiprolog.com

JIProlog is open source and it is release under AGPLv 3.0 or under commercial license.

The source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/jiprolog/

See also the JIProlog Forum

Prolog resources and tutorials

JIProlog Development


  • 3APL- An Abstract Agent Programming Language: a programming language for implementing cognitive agents. - [http://www.cs.uu.nl/3apl]

  • Caffeine: a system for the dynamic analysis of Java programs. Caffeine is made of a Prolog engine that analyzes the execution of a Java program on a remote virtual machine. - [http://www.yanngael.gueheneuc.net/Work/Research/Caffeine/Introduction/]

  • No Java Without Caffeine: a tool for Dynamic Analysis of Java Programs - [http://www.emn.fr/jussien/publications/gueheneuc-RR0207.pdf]

  • Du langage à l'image. Génération automatique de rèbus - [http://users.info.unicaen.fr/~slegloan/rebus/rapport_rebus.pdf]

  • Adding Functional Programming into the Holo Language - [www.informatik.uni-kiel.de/~wflp2001/proceedings/papers/paper25.ps.gz]

  • JIProlog: un interprete Prolog in java - [http://online.infomedia.it/riviste/dev/94/sommario.htm]

  • Logic Programming - [http://www.arch.usyd.edu.au/~g_smith/logicProg/talk.pdf]

  • Towards Effective Parallel Logic Programming - [ftp2.cnpq.br/pub/protem/workshop2001/nsf/artigos/vitor_santos_costa_clopn.ps]

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