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Letter F


英文/缩写 汉语 来源&扩展
Factor analysis 因子分析 [1]
Factorization 因子分解 [1]
Factors of variation 变差因素 [1]
False negative 假负例 [1]
False positive 假正例 [1]
False Positive Rate/FPR 假正例率 [1]
Fault-tolerant asynchronous training 容错异步训练 [1]
Feature engineering 特征工程 [1]
Feature extractor 特征提取器 [1]
Feature map 特征图 [1]
Feature selection 特征选择 [1]
Feature vector 特征向量 [1]
Featured Learning 特征学习 [1]
Feedforward Neural Networks/FNN 前馈神经网络 [1]
Field Programmable Gated Array 现场可编程门阵列 [1]
Fine-tuning 精调 [1]
Finite difference 有限差分 [1]
Fixed point equation 不动点方程 [1]
Flipping output 翻转法 [1]
Fluctuation 震荡 [1]
Folk Theorem 无名氏定理 [1]
Forget gate 遗忘门 [1]
Forward stagewise algorithm 前向分步算法 [1]
Fourier transform 傅立叶变换 [1]
Frequentist 频率主义学派 [1]
Frequentist probability 频率派概率 [1]
Full-rank matrix 满秩矩阵 [1]
Functional derivative 泛函导数 [1]
Functional neuron 功能神经元 [1]
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