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Letter U


英文/缩写 汉语 来源&扩展
Underestimation 欠估计 [1]
Underfitting 欠拟合/欠配 [1]
Undersampling 欠采样 [1]
Understandability 可理解性 [1]
Undirected graphical model 无向图模型 [1]
Unequal cost 非均等代价 [1]
Unit norm 单位范数 [1]
Unit test 单元测试 [1]
Unit variance 单位方差 [1]
Unitary matrix 酉矩阵 [1]
Unit-step function 单位阶跃函数 [1]
Univariate decision tree 单变量决策树 [1]
Unprojection 反投影 [1]
Unshared convolution 非共享卷积 [1]
Unsupervised  learning 无监督学习/无导师学习 [1]
Unsupervised layer-wise training 无监督逐层训练 [1]
Upper Confidence Bounds 上置信界限 [1]
Upsampling 上采样 [1]
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