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General Questions

  1. How can I reset Jirafe data?
    Go to System > Configuration > Jirafe Analytics and enable Debug. After saving the configuration you will see a few additional options. Choose "Reset Jirafe". Depending on your cache settings you might need to refresh your configuration cache (System > Cache Management). You will now start collecting data with a fresh profile.
  2. Who will receive the daily email?
    By default, the daily email is not sent to any users. You will need to specifically turn on the email to every user you wish to receive the email.
  3. How do I turn on the email for a user?
    1. Go to 'System / Configuration / General / Jirafe Analytics' and make sure 'Enable Jirafe' is 'Yes', and 'Enable Email Reporting' is 'Yes'.
    2. Go to 'System / Permissions / Users', and click on the user in which you want to enable email. Click on the 'Jirafe Analytics' tab, and set 'Send Jirafe Emails' to 'Yes'.
  4. I set up a user per the instructions above. I still cannot get emails. What do I do?
    1. Ensure that the user is not deactivated in Magento.
    2. Ensure that the Magento cronjob is running every day.
    3. Ensure that your server has email properly set up (are you getting emails from completed orders?)
  5. What does the daily email look like?
    Like this

API Questions

  1. What currencies does your API support?
    The Jirafe API supports the currencies defined in the ISO 4217 database
  2. What time zones does your API support?
    The Jirafe API supports standard timezones defined in the TZ database


  1. I have an error. What do I do?
    a.) turn on global debugging for your Magento instance:
    System > Configuration > Developer > Log > Yes
    b.) turn on debugging for the Jirafe plugin:
    System > Configuration > Jirafe Analytics > Debug > Yes
    c.) You should now see additional actions next to the error message. Please click synchronise.
    If the issue persists enter an issue (Issues menu above), or simply email us at Please attach the log file foomanjirafe.log from var/log/ and also any relevant information from the exception.log file.

  2. I am not receiving an email. What now?
    Make sure that the Magento cron job is set up correctly. More information can be found here.

  3. The debug info shows Last Status: 500 Internal Server Error
    One possibility is that you have chosen the timezone "US Eastern Standard Time (Etc/GMT+5)" which is not yet supported from our end. Please choose "Eastern Standard Time (America/New_York)" instead until we include a fix in the next release.

  4. How do I get Jirafe running in Magento v1.3? After installing via Magento Connect please copy the following files: app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/foomanjirafe.xml to app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/foomanjirafe.xml and copy the folder app/design/frontend/base/default/template/fooman/jirafe to app/design/frontend/default/default/template/fooman/jirafe (note adjust 'default' to your theme name if you are using different package/theme names.

Reported Incompatibilities

The Magento platform limits changes to behaviour of any core class to only 1 extension. This can lead to conflicts with other installed community extensions. Please see the below list of known conflicts and potential workarounds. Please let us know if you come across any others or can confirm/add to the workarounds.

  1. Pz_WorldMap_Model_Visitor
    As a workaround you can edit app/code/community/Fooman/Jirafe/etc/config.xml and remove


Save and refresh the cache. This change will over-report number of visitors in the daily emails since it will include search engine bots. The dashboard will still report the correct number of visitors.

Alternatively you can test installing this extension and implement the suggested fix.

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