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Static Slicer for LLVM
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LLVM slicer

This is a static slicer based on the Mark Weiser's algorithm in [1]. It is
augmented to perform an inter-procedural analysis. The initial criteria
considered here are all assert_fail function calls (which is effectively every
place where an assert is in the code).

Basically, what one needs to do to slice src.o LLVM code into dst.o is:
  $ opt -load -create-hammock-cfg -slice-inter src.o -o dst.o

Both create-hammock-cfg and slice-inter are defined in this project. If you are
having troubles with running opt, you are likely not loading the proper library.
Of course, you have to make sure that the library is in a path where dynamic
libraries are looked for (or add the path where the library is to

Bug reports
Use github for reports and pull requests, please.

Jiri Slaby <>

[1] M. Weiser. "Program slicing". Proceedings of the 5th International
Conference on Software Engineering, pages 439–449, IEEE Computer Society Press,
March 1981.
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