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Limited MusicXML to MusixTeX converter

This converter is primary used to transfer songs of Falešné společenstvo from Mozart music processor to MusixTeX typesetting notation via small subset of MusicXML 3.0 format.

Written in PHP, sorry. But you can try online version.

You also need small header.tex file for some auxiliary and compatibility stuff.

Supported features:

  • score-partwise and score-timewise XML
  • clefs: treble
  • meters: with single denominator
  • keys: flats or sharps
  • ordinary notes and rests
  • lengths: from 1/32 to whole note
  • heights: from C2 to H6 (5 octaves)
  • accidentals: sharp, double sharp, natural, flat, double flat
  • single dots from 1/16 notes and rests
  • articulations: accent, staccato
  • chord (non-spacing) notes
  • beams: single, duble, partial, dotted
  • slurs and ties
  • repeats: left, right, both
  • endings: begin and end volta
  • double bar lines
  • multiple staffs

Some features may be added or extended in future (but most of them probably not).

Additional features:

  • correct vertical alignment with multiple staffs
  • merging meters/signatures to general ones when possible
  • automatic orientation of stems, beams, slurs and ties

Known limitations:

  • only beams non-overlapping within one staff are supported
  • repeats only one bar long don't work (not really limitation)
  • bar lines & voltas are synchronized over all staffs (and taken from first staff)
  • number of staffs can't be changed
  • automatic orientation of stems, beams, slurs and ties

As MusicXML is pretty complex format there definitely are plenty of unknown limitations. Moreover, conversion is tested only with XML exported from Mozart version 12.