Example application with Spring Web MVC, Spring Security and Spring Data JPA
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Just a simple email sender

This project is to showcase Spring, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, JSPs and JSTL. Based on Maven, Hibernate, HSQLDB, JavaMail, Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery

This project contains embedded HSQL database, which destroys all data at shutdown. If you want different database, add JDBC driver to pom.xml and change WEB-INF/spring/db.xml

To send emails you must set SMTP server configuration (in email.properties). At training we use http://www.mandrillapp.com, which offers free SMTP server, but you can provide your own. Also set preview = false (also in email.properties).

If set preview = true in email.properties, preview database with test data will be created upon application deployment. Preview database will be re-initialized once per day.

How to run: mvn jetty:run

How to build WAR file: mvn package

You can deploy this web application to Heroku. Live preview is here: http://example-mailer-spring.jiripinkas.cz

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