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Java sitemap generator

This library generates a web sitemap and can ping Google that it has changed (also it can generate RSS feed and robots.txt). It has friendly, easy to use Java 8 functional API and is AWS-lambda friendly.

Typical usage:

Add this library to classpath:


If you want to use "ping google / bing" functionality, also add this library to classpath:

    <version>4.2.2</version> <!-- latest version should be fine, get latest version from -->

Typical usage (web sitemap):

String sitemap = SitemapGenerator.of("")
    .addPage("foo2.html") // simplest way how to add page - shorthand for addPage(WebPage.of("foo2.html"))
    .addPage(WebPage.of("foo1.html")) // same as addPage("foo1.html")
    .addPage(WebPage.builder().name("bar.html").build()) // builder is more complex
    .addPage(WebPage.builder().maxPriorityRoot().build()) // builder has lots of useful methods

or sitemap in gzip format:

byte[] sitemap = SitemapGenerator.of("")

you can set default settings (for the subsequent WebPages):

String sitemap = SitemapGenerator.of("")
    .addPage(WebPage.builder().maxPriorityRoot().build()) // URL will be: "/"
    .addPage("foo") // URL will be: "dir1/foo.html"
    .addPage("bar") // URL will be: "dir1/bar.html"
    .addPage("hello") // URL will be: "dir2/hello.html"
    .addPage("yello") // URL will be: "dir2/yello.html"
    // btw. specifying dir and / or extension on WebPage overrides default settings
    .addPage(WebPage.builder().dir("dir3").extension(null).name("test").build()) // "dir3/test"
    .resetDefaultDir() // resets default dir
    .resetDefaultExtension() // resets default extension
    .addPage(WebPage.of("mypage")) // URL will be: "mypage"

or with list of pages:

List<String> pages = Arrays.asList("firstPage", "secondPage", "otherPage");
String sitemap = SitemapGenerator.of("")
        .addPages(pages, page -> WebPage.of(page))

or list of pages in complex data type:

class News {
    private String name;
    public News(String name) { = name; }
    public String getName() { return name; }
List<News> newsList = Arrays.asList(new News("a"), new News("b"), new News("c"));
String sitemap = SitemapGenerator.of("")
        .addPages(newsList, news -> WebPage.of(news::getName))

or to store it to file & ping Google:

Ping ping = Ping.builder()
    // generate sitemap and save it to file ./sitemap.xml
    // inform Google that this sitemap has changed
    .ping(ping); // this requires okhttp in classpath!!!
    .callOnSuccess(() -> System.out.println("Pinged Google")) // what will happen on success
    .catchOnFailure(e -> System.out.println("Could not ping Google!")); // what will happen on error

Note: To ping Google / Bing, you can either use built-in support (requires OkHttp in classpath!!!), or you can use your own http client implementation. Supported http clients: Custom OkHttpClient, CloseableHttpClient (Apache Http Client), RestTemplate (from Spring). To use your own http client implementation just call on PingBuilder method: httpClient*() and pass inside your implementation.

How to create sitemap index:

String sitemapIndex = SitemapIndexGenerator.of("")

How to create RSS channel:

... RSS ISN'T sitemap :-), but it's basically just a list of links (like sitemap) and if you need sitemap, then probably you also need RSS. Note: RssGenerator has lots of common methods with SitemapGenerator.

String rss = RssGenerator.of("", "Top Java Blogs", "Best Java Blogs")
        .title("News Title")
        .description("News Description")

How to create robots.txt:

... robots.txt ISN'T sitemap :-), but inside it you reference your sitemap and if you need sitemap, then you probably need robots.txt as well :-)

String robotsTxt = RobotsTxtGenerator.of("")

How to check sitemap:

Best practices & performance

  • SitemapGenerator (and other Generator classes) are builders, thus they're not immutable.
  • Also having SitemapGenerator as singleton and at the same time calling addPage() and toString() (in multiple threads) isn't really advised. SitemapGenerator operations aren't thread-safe (with one exception: SitemapGenerator.of(), which creates new instance of SitemapGenerator).
  • When you call addPage(), you store it to Map, where key is page's URL (so you cannot have two items with the same URL in sitemap).
  • toString(), toFile(), toGzipByteArray() methods (terminal operations) generate final sitemap from the Map of objects. So when creating sitemap, most time will be spent executing terminal operation.
  • If you need raw speed for accessing sitemap, I suggest to:
    • either save sitemap to external file and then just get the data from file
    • or cache the result of terminal operation

My other projects:

What I used to upload jsitemapgenerator to Maven Central:


Java sitemap generator. This library generates a web sitemap, can ping Google, generate RSS feed, robots.txt and more with friendly, easy to use Java 8 functional style of programming





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