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Command to convert from color text (ANSI or 256) to image.
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Build Status

textimg is command to convert from color text (ANSI or 256) to image. + Drawn image keeps having colors of escape sequence.


go version go1.12 linux/amd64

I didn't test on Windows.

Usage examples

Simple examples

textimg $'\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' > out.png
textimg $'\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' -o out.png
echo -e '\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' | textimg -o out.png
echo -e '\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' | textimg --background 0,255,255,255 -o out.jpg
echo -e '\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' | textimg --background black -o out.gif

Output image format is PNG or JPG or GIF. File extention of -o option defines output image format. Default image format is PNG. if you write image file with > redirect then image file will be saved as PNG file.

Rainbow examples

From ANSI color

textimg supports \x1b[30m notation.

colors=(30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37)
while read -r line; do
  echo -e "$line" | sed -r 's/.*/\x1b['"${colors[$((i%8))]}"'m&\x1b[m/g'
done <<< "$(seq 8 | xargs -I@ echo TEST)" | textimg -b 50,100,12,255 -o testdata/out/rainbow.png

Output is here.

Rainbow example

From 256 color

textimg supports \x1b[38;5;255m notation.

Foreground example is below.

seq 0 255 | while read -r i; do
  echo -ne "\x1b[38;5;${i}m$(printf %03d $i)"
  if [ $(((i+1) % 16)) -eq 0 ]; then
done | textimg -o 256_fg.png

Output is here.

256 foreground example

Background example is below.

seq 0 255 | while read -r i; do
  echo -ne "\x1b[48;5;${i}m$(printf %03d $i)"
  if [ $(((i+1) % 16)) -eq 0 ]; then
done | textimg -o 256_bg.png

Output is here.

256 background example

From 256 RGB color

textimg supports \x1b[38;2;255;0;0m notation.

seq 0 255 | while read i; do
  echo -ne "\x1b[38;2;${i};0;0m$(printf %03d $i)"
  if [ $(((i+1) % 16)) -eq 0 ]; then
done | textimg -o extrgb_f_gradation.png

Output is here.

RGB gradation example

Animation GIF

textimg supports animation GIF.

echo -e '\x1b[31mText\x1b[0m
\x1b[47mText\x1b[0m' | textimg -a -o ansi_fb_anime_1line.gif

Output is here.

Animation GIF example

Slide animation GIF

echo -e '\x1b[31mText\x1b[0m
\x1b[47mText\x1b[0m' | textimg -l 5 -SE -o slide_5_1_rainbow_forever.gif

Output is here.

Slide Animation GIF example

Using on Docker

You can use textimg on Docker. (DockerHub)

docker pull jiro4989/textimg
docker run -v $(pwd):/images -it jiro4989/textimg -h
docker run -v $(pwd):/images -it jiro4989/textimg Testあいうえお😄 -o /images/a.png
docker run -v $(pwd):/images -it jiro4989/textimg Testあいうえお😄 -s


go get -u


Download binary from Releases.


textimg is command to convert from colored text (ANSI or 256) to image.

  textimg [flags]

textimg $'\x1b[31mRED\x1b[0m' -o out.png

      --foreground string         foreground color.
                                  format is [black|red|green|yellow|blue|magenta|cyan|white]
                                  or (R,G,B,A(0~255)) (default "white")
  -b, --background string         ackground color.
                                  color format is same as "foreground" option (default "black")
  -f, --fontfile string           font file path.
                                  You can change this default value with environment variables TEXTIMG_FONT_FILE (default "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/hack-gen/HackGen-Regular.ttf")
  -e, --emoji-fontfile string     emoji font file (default "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/symbola/Symbola_hint.ttf")
  -i, --use-emoji-font            use emoji font
  -z, --shellgei-emoji-fontfile   emoji font file for shellgei-bot (path: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ancient-scripts/Symbola_hint.ttf")
  -F, --fontsize int              font size (default 20)
  -o, --out string                output image file path.
                                  available image formats are [png | jpg | gif]
  -s, --shellgei-imagedir         image directory path for shellgei-bot (path: "/images/t.png")
  -a, --animation                 generate animation gif
  -d, --delay int                 animation delay time (default 20)
  -l, --line-count int            animation input line count (default 1)
  -S, --slide                     use slide animation
  -W, --slide-width int           sliding animation width (default 1)
  -E, --forever                   sliding forever
      --environments              print environment variables
  -h, --help                      help for textimg
      --version                   version for textimg


Default font path

Default fonts that to use are below.

OS Font path
Linux /usr/share/fonts/truetype/vlgothic/VL-Gothic-Regular.ttf
MacOS /Library/Fonts/AppleGothic.ttf
Windows Not supported (Welcome Pull Request!)

You can change this font path with environment variables TEXTIMG_FONT_FILE .


export TEXTIMG_FONT_FILE=/usr/share/fonts/TTF/HackGen-Regular.ttf

Emoji font (image file path)

textimg needs emoji image files to draw emoji. You have to set TEXTIMG_EMOJI_DIR environment variables if you want to draw one. For example, run below.

# You can clone your favorite fonts here.
sudo git clone /usr/local/src/noto-emoji
export TEXTIMG_EMOJI_DIR=/usr/local/src/noto-emoji/png/128
echo Test👍 | textimg -o emoji.png

Emoji example

Emoji font (TTF)

textimg can change emoji font with TEXTIMG_EMOJI_FONT_FILE environment variables and set -i option. For example, swicthing emoji font to Symbola font.

export TEXTIMG_EMOJI_FONT_FILE=/usr/share/fonts/TTF/Symbola.ttf
echo あ😃a👍!👀ん👄 | textimg -i -o emoji_symbola.png

Symbola emoji example

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