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Default settings should not be modified, as they are overwritten when GitGutter updates. Instead, you should copy the relevant settings into GitGutter's user settings file.
+#### Non Blocking Mode
+By default, GitGutter runs in the same thread which can block if it starts to perform slowly. Usually this isn't a problem but depending on the size of your file or repo it can be. If you set `non_blocking` to `true` then GitGutter will run in a seperate thread and will not block. This does cause a slight delay between when you make a modification and when the icons update in the gutter. This is a ***Sublime Text 3 only feature***, ST2 users can turn off live mode if performance is an issue.
#### Live Mode
By default, GitGutter detects changes every time the file is modified. If you experience performance issues you can set it to only run on save by setting `live_mode` to `false`.

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