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I think it makes more sense to have a section about the actual feature than the keybindings and how to change them. Changing default keybindings isn't a GitGutter feature but *Sublime* feature, so anyone who would like to change them can easily figure out how with a little googling. Plus I don't want to put too much README real estate devoted to this feature since it is not core GitGutter functionality. I would like to get some default linux key bindings tho.
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-### Key Bindings
-Default settings have been provided for Windows and the Mac. You can override the default settings for keymaps to jump up and down from next to previous changes.
-#### Defaults
- { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+alt+j"], "command": "git_gutter_next_change" },
- { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+alt+k"], "command": "git_gutter_prev_change" }
+### Jumping Between Changes
+There are commands to jump between modifications. The default keybindings for these commands are:
+prev: <kbd>command</kbd>+<kbd>shift</kbd>+<kbd>option</kbd>+<kbd>k</kbd>
+next: <kbd>command</kbd>+<kbd>shift</kbd>+<kbd>option</kbd>+<kbd>j</kbd>
+prev: <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>shift</kbd>+<kbd>alt</kbd>+<kbd>k</kbd>
+next: <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>shift</kbd>+<kbd>alt</kbd>+<kbd>j</kbd>

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