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Is it possible to add green/yellow/red highlights of the diff lines to the Sublime Text mini map? This would make it much easier to see where changes in the file are and scroll to them quickly.

jisaacks commented Mar 4, 2013

I would like this feature as well. I do not know of anyway to tap into the mini map from a plug in tho.

deiga commented Mar 5, 2013

I haven't figured out how to add stuff only in the minimap, but basically you can just add sublime.DRAW_EMPTY_AS_OVERWRITE and set the background color according to the type.

wpowers commented Sep 8, 2013

+1 for this, I came here intending to ask the same question. Large files would be less challenging to find changes in.

jisaacks commented Sep 8, 2013

@wpowers in the mean time, the jump to next/prev change might help you.

wpowers commented Sep 9, 2013

Thanks - very cool!

👍 as well. Would be a really neat feature!

Would love this feature, I find it slightly odd that the API does not support this since some jslint plugins report on the minimap where the errors are.


it is probably that you need to add highlights in the buffer for them to show up in the minimap. the git gutter marks don't fit this description. It should be possible to have an option for git gutter to add highlights as well though.

Would it be possible to highlight the entire line in the minimap? (instead of just the border). I can't really see the pixel wide line with my colour scheme "Slush & Poppies" (even if I change it to bright pink it's quite hard to spot).

jisaacks commented Jan 5, 2016

@davidfooks Not that I am aware of.

@jisaacks jisaacks closed this Jan 5, 2016
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