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Feature request.

Would be very helpful to see the original code (before the modification) when hovering over the relevant change icon in the gutter. Eclipse Git plugin does this very well, where it overlays the original change over the current change, so you can see it inline with the rest of the code. This could be a setting, specifying where/how the data is displayed.


deiga commented Mar 6, 2013

The only problem here is if ST allows us to add a hover overlay, otherwise gitgutter already reads the whole diff, so would be able to do it.

Also complex changes might prove problematic..

gwenzek commented Jul 6, 2016

Since build 3116, there is an "hover" api allowing to display a popup when overing over the gutter or any part of the code. See https://forum.sublimetext.com/t/dev-build-3116/21148 for more details.

This would be a really great addition to this very good plugin.


jisaacks commented Jul 8, 2016

@gwenzek thanks for brining this to my attention. I do not have time to work on this feature myself right now. If anyone wants to try to tackle it, go for it.


rchl commented Nov 11, 2016

Hovering over the gutter to show the changes is already implemented.

rchl closed this Nov 11, 2016

gwenzek commented Nov 11, 2016

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