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PubRouter OAI-PMH endpoint

This document describes how to interact with the PubRouter OAI-PMH endpoint to retrieve the metadata records of successfully routed notifications.

You may also wish to read the OAI-PMH documentation.

The OAI-PMH endpoint

The base endpoint of all OAI-PMH requests to PubRouter is:

Though this can only be used with reference to a specific PubRouter account; so the effective endpoint is:<institution_id>

Where <institution_id> is the account id of the Institution whose notifications are to be retrieved.

For example:


This request would return a list of all records for institution with id 123456789 from 2016-01-01, and the results would be in oai_dc formatted xml. (Note that due to PubRouter's 3 month retention period, this would not find any records older than that.)

This endpoint currently only supports oai_dc formatted metadata, and can only access notifications going back 3 months.

Using OAI-PMH with PubRouter

Read about OAI-PMH verbs supported by PubRouter.

Data returned by PubRouter

Read about the mapping from our native PubRouter notification format into the oai_dc formatted xml.