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Jisc Learning Analytics Statement Templates
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xAPI recipes for the Jisc Learning Analytics Service v1.0.2

Repository Workflow

The simplest way to contribute to the xAPI service is as follows:

  1. Add an issue to the issue tracker to alert everyone to what you are working on and why.
  2. Tag the issue with the version milestone you'd like the patch to be part of.
  3. If the feature is for this version then make an edit or add a file in this repository, and save it to your own branch. If you prefer, you can fork the whole repository and work in your own repository. Otherwise create a feature-branch to work in.
  4. If you are creating a new Statement in a recipe then check if a generic template will help. If you are creating a new Statement then consider creating a generic one first.
  5. Send a pull request once you're done.
  6. The pull request will be discussed at one of our regular meetings and either merged, or kept in the queue, depending on whether more work is required.

You can do all this through the Github GUI, but you're welcome to use any other git tool you prefer.

If the need arises, particular versions will get their own branches, but until that time, everything is merged into the main branch. Releases will be made after the group has come to an agreement.

Statement Vocabulary and Common Structures


Here are descriptions of Statements that can be sent to the Jisc Learning Data Hub, full Statement examples, and data needed to create the Statement. As far as possible all entities are the same across all the Statements, these reusable parts of Statements are linked from templates and can be found in the Common Structures page which contains all common patterns used across different Statements. If an entity is not reusable then properties are described in the Statement template.


These are platform independent Statements related to Virtual Learning Enviroments.

Statement Template Input TSV definitions JSON TemplateExample Input
Logged invle-loggedin-input.mdvle-loggedin-template.json TSV
Logged outvle-loggedout-input.mdvle-loggedout-template.json TSV
VLE resource viewed vle-resourceviewed-input.mdvle-resourceviewed-template.json TSV
Assignment Graded vle-assignmentgraded-input.mdvle-assignmentgraded-template.json TSV
Assignment Submitted vle-assignmentsubmitted-input.mdvle-assignmentsubmitted-template.json TSV
Create a forum postvle-forum-input.mdvle-forum-template.json TSV
Quiz: Answered Questionsvle-answered-questions-input.mdvle-answered-questions-template.json TSV
Quiz: Quiz Completed vle-quiz-completed-input.mdvle-quiz-completed-template.jsonTSV

All VLE Statement examples

The following JSON samples are recent examples generated from plugins. They may not match the specification.

Bug reports can be directed to the Moodle or BlackBoard Github repository.


Statement TemplateInput TSV definitionsJSON Template
Viewing econtentlibrary-viewed-econtent-input.mdlibrary-viewed-econtent-template.json
Accessed servicelibrary-accessed-econtent-input.mdlibrary-accessed-econtent-template.json


Statement TemplateInput TSV definitionsJSON Template
Library item: Borrowed itemlibrary-item-borrowed-input.mdlibrary-item-template.json

Tracking App

Statement TemplateJSON exampleInput TSV definitionsJSON Template
Mobile app content viewedMobile App content viewed /

Presence and Attendance

Statement Template Input TSV definitionsJSON TemplateExample Input
Attended learning activity attendance-template.jsonTSV

Intervention Case

Statement Template Input TSV definitionsJSON Template
Open a case case-create-activity-input.json
Update a case case-update-activity-input.json
Close a case case-close-activity-input.json
Create a note note-create-activity-input.json

Predictive Model Output

Statement Template
Predictive Model Alerting

Deprecated Statements

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