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A slightly improved pre-commit hook for git

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A better pre-commit hook for git.


Install the gem

$ gem install pre-commit

Use the pre-commit command to generate a stub pre-commit hook

# In your git repo
$ pre-commit install

This creates a .git/hooks/pre-commit script which will check your git config and run checks that are enabled.


These are the available checks:

  • white_space
  • console_log
  • debugger
  • tabs
  • jshint
  • js_lint_all (Runs JSLint on all staged JS files)
  • js_lint_new (Runs JSLint on all new staged JS files)
  • closure_syntax_check
  • php (Runs php -l on all staged files)
  • ruby_symbol_hashrockets (1.9 syntax. BAD :foo => "bar". GOOD foo: "bar")

To configure which checks you would like to run, simply set the pre-commit.checks git configuration setting.

To enable white_space and tab checks:

# From your git repo
$ git config "pre-commit.checks" "white_space, tabs"

To enable white_space, console_log and debugger checks:

# From your git repo
$ git config "pre-commit.checks" "white_space, console_log, debugger"

Note: If no checks are configured, a default set of checks is run:

white_space, console_log, debugger, tabs, jshint, migrations
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