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ML Papers | 100 Days of Machine Learning Research

A collection of epic (good) papers to be read in ML Research (?) by a wanderer. #100DaysOfMLResearch #RoadToMLResearcher

About ML Papers

These are the papers I am using to improve my Machine Learning (and AI too) knowledge day by day. Feel free to check them out. Most of the papers are in preprint state, they might not be complete so keep it that way. These are randomly collected from internet and are randomly arranged in day wise manner.


The papers are mostly collected from open sources ( If someone finds it restricted, do notify by a pull request. These are for learning purposes, no commercial use of them allowed. They are provided as it is, without any WARRENTY. COPYRIGHT IS OWNED BY RESPECTIVE AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS, INSTITUTES, ACADEMIA, etc.

Future works

  • Complete upto Day-100 each having at least 3 papers [COMPLETED]
  • Indicate the level of difficulty to each paper [NOT DONE YET]
  • Indicate the quality of each paper e.g. high quality, low quality, technical report, student project, etc. [NOT DONE YET]
  • Increase the number of papers in a day from 3 to 10 [NOT DONE YET]
  • Classify the paper in such a way that each day will have labelled 3 easy, 3 medium, 4 hard papers [NOT DONE YET]
  • Include high quality papers where ever possible; at least one in a day [NOT DONE YET]