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#About the app

MIT Mobile for Android is open source software, created and maintained by MIT, and shared under the MIT license. The project includes components from other open source projects which remain under their existing licenses, which are detailed in their respective source files.

MIT Mobile for Android is free and available for download on the Android Marketplace.

Contributions are welcome!

#Building the app

Once you have the Android SDK installed, MIT Mobile for Android can be built with Eclipse or via the command line.

  1. Create your own build-deployment/ from build-deployment/
  2. Adjust your to match your environment. A Google Maps API key is required for a fully functional map in the app.
  3. Run python build-deployment/ to build from the command line.

#Technical Details

  • Requires Android API 7 (SDK 2.1)


Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome at []( Mobile for Android on GitHub).

A better README is forthcoming.