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Gitblit 1.0.0

* LDAP integration
* Expose JGit settings for configuration
* Editable, per-repository custom properties for Groovy hook scripts
* Responsive layout integration to improve usability on tablets and
* Fixes to Lucene search including eliminating duplicate entries and
  fixes to blob encodings
* Added Spanish translation
* Added Polish translation


Gitblit 0.9.3

* Fixed bug in clearing selections on repository model lists (issue 81)
* Automatically set java.awt.headless=true for GO


Gitblit 0.9.2

* Added clientLogger to Groovy hook mechanism
* Fixed absolute path/canonical path discrepancy (issue 78)
* Fixed row layout on activity page (issue 79)
* Fixed CentOS service script
* Fixed EditRepositoryPage for IE8 (issue 80)


Gitblit 0.9.1

* Fixed bug where lucene folder was stored inside working copy instead
  of within .git folder


Gitblit 0.9.0

* Lucene search integration
* lots of timezone fixes
* built-in AJP connector for GO
* disallow pushes to a repository with a working copy
* allow controlling default branch
* activity page now supports all branches
* lots of bug fixes


* Fixed upgrade bug in user service (issue 41)


* Include missing icon resource for the manager (issue 40)
* Fixed sendmail.groovy incorrect tag/branch labels


Gitblit 0.8.0

 * Groovy push hook script mechanism
 * Push email notifications via sendmail.groovy post-receive hook
 * ConfigUserService (users.conf) replaces FileUserService
 * Aggregate repository activity page
 * Selectable filters for the Repositories page and the Activity page
 * Teams to simplify management of user-repository access rights
 * Gravatar integration
 * Empty Repository page
 * Copy-to-clipboard feature for the primary repository url
 * Automatic "pages" link for a repository with a gh-pages branch


Gitblit 0.7.0

* security: fixed security hole when cloning clone-restricted
  repository with TortoiseGit (issue 28)
* improved: updated ui with Twitter's Bootstrap CSS toolkit
  New: web.loginMessage = gitblit
* improved: repositories list performance by caching repository sizes
  (issue 27)
* improved: summary page performance by caching metric calculations
  (issue 25)
* added: authenticated JSON RPC mechanism
  New: web.enableRpcServlet = true
  New: web.enableRpcManagement = false
  New: web.enableRpcAdministration = false
* added: Gitblit API RSS/JSON RPC library
* added: Gitblit Manager (Java/Swing Application) for remote
  administration of a Gitblit server.
* added: per-repository setting to skip size calculation (faster
  repositories page loading)
* added: per-repository setting to skip summary metrics calculation
  (faster summary page loading)
* added: IUserService.setup(IStoredSettings) for custom user service
* added: setting to control Gitblit GO context path for proxy setups
  New: server.contextPath = /
* added: combined-md5 password storage option which stores the hash of
  username+password as the password (Github/alyandon)
* added: repository owners are automatically granted access for git,
  feeds, and zip downloads without explicitly selecting them
* added: RSS feeds now include regex substitutions on commit messages
  for bug trackers, etc
* fixed: federation protocol timestamps. dates are now serialized to
  the iso8601 standard.
  This breaks 0.6.0 federation clients/servers.
* fixed: collision on rename for repositories and users
* fixed: Gitblit can now browse the Linux kernel repository (issue 25)
* fixed: Gitblit now runs on Servlet 3.0 webservers (e.g. Tomcat 7,
  Jetty 8) (issue 23)
* fixed: Set the RSS content type of syndication feeds for Firefox 4
  (issue 22)
* fixed: RSS feeds are now properly encoded to UTF-8
* fixed: RSS feeds now properly generate parameterized links if
* fixed: Null pointer exception if did not set federation strategy
  (issue 20)
* fixed: Gitblit GO allows SSL renegotiation if running on Java 1.6.0_22
  or later
* updated: MarkdownPapers 1.2.5
* updated: Wicket 1.4.19


Gitblit 0.6.0

* added: federation feature to allow gitblit instances (or gitblit
  federation clients) to pull repositories and, optionally, settings and
  accounts from other gitblit instances. This is something like svn-sync
  for gitblit.
* added: google-gson dependency
* added: javamail dependency
* updated: MarkdownPapers 1.1.1
* updated: Wicket 1.4.18
* updated: JGit 1.1.0
* fixed: syndication urls for WAR deployments
* fixed: authentication for zip downloads
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