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Jitesoft company GitHub group.

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Jitesoft is a private company (sole proprietorship) based in Sweden. Our main focus is backend development, containerization and operations within web, application and game development.

Our whole infrastructure runs on it and most projects made at jitesoft - which are not customer owned - are released under the MIT or WTFPL license. Code is published to GitHub and GitLab and our containers and packages are deployed to a multitude of package registries.

Find all our open source code here on GitHub or at GitLab!

Signatures that might be worh having!


Most of our gpg signatures are made by the following keys:

Johannes Tegnér E97A 1482 A904 402E 1A60  C566 ED13 F046 A7B4 A4A7
Jitesoft Bot    B14E 5D78 BD15 B074 7AA4  2A33 9A29 B8B2 9C25 843E


Jitesoft public cosign key is the following:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

The cosign public key can also be found at

Sponsoring and shameless plugs!

The following lovely companies and/or organizations provides us with infrastructure (such as servers) to work with open source:

We love our providers and are very grateful for their support.

Our open source work is dependent on donations and server help, if you wish to give us a hand feel free to donate to us at:

or just send an email!


  1. yolog Public

    Environment agnostic pluggable JavaScript logger.

    JavaScript 2 1

  2. A babel preset used by the Jitesoft organization.

    JavaScript 2

  3. Alpine linux docker image.

    Dockerfile 1

  4. Docker image containing Ubuntu.


  5. ESLint Configuration used by the Jitesoft organization.

    JavaScript 1

  6. webpage Public

    Static webpage for Jitesoft.

    HTML 1 2




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