Sophisticated monitoring agent for Java
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Zorka Agent & Zorka Spy

Zorka is a programmable general purpose monitoring agent for Java applications. It features bytecode instrumentation and is capable of tracing (profiling) production environments. It is designed to integrate seamlessly your Java applications with popular monitoring systems.

For more information see Zorka project page.

Building Zorka Agent

Instructions for building the agent.

  1. Import into Eclipse the following packages:

    • zorka
    • zorka-agent
    • zorka-common
    • zorka-common-test
    • zorka-core
    • zorka-dist
    • zorka-viewer
  2. Copy the following maven plugin compiler into all pom.xml files:

  3. Configure the zorka's Maven Build with the "install" goal

  4. Copy the following files to a server:

    • zorka-dist/target/output/*