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Latest commit 7d0eee4 Jan 31, 2023 History
* 076dbf7 jibri: fix downloading new (>= 109) ChromeDriver
* 8f40804 jibri: update Chrome to M109
* 1cf8638 compose: fix whiteboard collab server variable name
* 9e0305b prosody: set JWT_ENABLE_DOMAIN_VERIFICATION to false by default
* ac551c3 base: update tpl
* ec972ee base: update tpl
* 8684b0b misc: working on unstable
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Based on stable release 8252.

  • 076dbf7 jibri: fix downloading new (>= 109) ChromeDriver
  • 8f40804 jibri: update Chrome to M109
  • 1cf8638 compose: fix whiteboard collab server variable name
  • 9e0305b prosody: set JWT_ENABLE_DOMAIN_VERIFICATION to false by default
  • ac551c3 base: update tpl
  • ec972ee base: update tpl
  • 8684b0b misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 8218.

  • 8d7728b jibri: update Chrome to M108
  • 9cfbaf2 misc: drop JICOFO_AUTH_USER
  • 68751c2 prosody: add metadata component
  • 07f7054 jaas: pass the jitsi installation type at provisioning (#1456)
  • e219bcf web: add ability to configure whiteboard
  • ac12313 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 8138-1.

  • 8923b72 web: fix missing quotes on config.js string
  • 6b11a89 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 8138.

  • 1e49d65 web: simplify build
  • dd399fe web,jvb: remove ENABLE_MULTISTREAM
  • 723d661 jibri: add single-use-mode config option
  • ca14c52 web: add more transcription config env vars
  • ccc5746 prosody: add ability to configure TURN server transports
  • 17d047a misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 8044-1.

  • fd70f04 env: add note about JaaS account creation
  • 046bb79 jaas: register JaaS account automatically
  • c44c59e misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 8044.

  • b212dca web: fix parsing IPv6 reolver addresses
  • 53b2654 web: auto-detect nginx resolver
  • 9fbb5bd jicofo: fix XMPP config (all moved to jicofo.conf)
  • a2333b3 jicofo: remove JICOFO_SHORT_ID (removed upstream)
  • d764db9 doc: update README
  • c694a9e web: set charset as utf-8
  • 8660089 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7882.

  • 4fcba2c jibri: update Chrome to M106
  • 957a225 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7830.

  • dd95b3d prosody: fix arm64 build
  • acb2f4e misc: update stale.yml
  • 02e32e5 jibri: update Chrome to M105
  • c53de72 jvb: add JVB_ADVERTISE_IPS, deprecating DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS
  • 723acc2 web: add ability to configure the room password digit size
  • a1e82ea jvb: migrate config to secure octo
  • 91043c5 prosody: upgrade UVS module to be compatible with Prosody 0.12 and luajwtjitsi 3.0
  • dc5b6a1 fix: multi tenant setup (#1401)
  • 47804d0 prosody: add JWT_ENABLE_DOMAIN_VERIFICATION to compose file
  • 832b178 prosody: make GC options configurable
  • bf6a68b web: fix setting prefix for subdomains
  • 5fabec9 prosody: add end conference
  • 7f7a9b4 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7648-4.

  • 6449c60 prosody: fix installation of lua inspect module
  • 6664c89 prosody: add missing lua-inspect dependency
  • 755bd3f prosody: add jigasi and jibri users as admins
  • 8c5fba1 jigasi: add ability to disable SIP
  • 4fa0a2f jvb: allow configuration of
  • 74e5942 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7648-3.

  • 7890183 jibri: fix ENABLE_RECORDING issue
  • a2b86a0 fix: Fixes undefined variable $ENABLE_JAAS_COMPONENTS. Fixes #1377.
  • 9f3c81f misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7648-2.

  • 24b6adb feat: Adds room info http endpoint for jaas components.
  • 475be2a misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7648-1.

  • d9921a0 prosody: fix syntax error
  • bc6ce20 jibri: update Chrome to M104
  • 7c7a43a prosody: add ability to configure max occupants
  • 85a38d9 jibri: add ability to enable Dropbox recording without enabling "service recording"
  • f8b7037 jvb: enable multi-stream by default
  • eb0dd6b web: fix receiveMultipleVideoStreams flag
  • 674f134 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7648.

  • 12941f5 web: turn on multi-stream by default
  • 1d4b265 web: add new flag for multi-stream
  • 4264f25 prosody: make enable_domain_verification configurable
  • 2a7db7c jigasi: fix Sentry test
  • 2d106d8 jigasi: adjust log formatter
  • 6c9e305 jigasi: temporarily disable G722
  • 9edecf2 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7577-2.

  • 55e0eed prosody: remove explicit dependency
  • e0bc4e4 prosody: add missing net-url dependency
  • e811d7b misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7577-1.

  • 20eb991 prosody: clean build
  • 6fb422c prosody: fix not finding the basexx and cjsson modules
  • 1768164 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7577.

  • b670959 prosody: simplify container build
  • e05a9c2 fixup: template syntax for newly added variables (#1355)
  • 164d28b web: migrate deprecated recordings options, add some more
  • f126f7a web: set config.videoQuality.maxBitratesVideo to null if no bitrates are specified
  • 0364d94 jibri: remove deprecated PulseAudio module
  • 1c93e1b web: add support for brandingDataUrl (#1346)
  • 4372717 web: add support for wav files to nginx default
  • d804ba4 misc: make ignore rule more generic
  • b224131 prosody: use ENABLE_IPV6 environment variable
  • be8c41f etherpad,jigasi: fix compose file version
  • d7cee00 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7439-2.

  • b2f704a misc: working on unstable
  • 62655d8 release: stable-7439-1
  • 22dc822 prosody: fix XMPP_MUC_CONFIGURATION
  • 11de38f fix: properly use default SIP config
  • 82a5382 fix: add missing $ to JIGASI_XMPP_USER
  • 76ff646 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7439-1.

  • 76ff646 misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7439.

  • ea37859 prosody: add ability to configure MUC modules through ENV variables
  • 5ff69fd jvb: fix jvb.conf parsing error
  • 8f38fe6 web,jvb: add option to enable multi-stream
  • 701dadf jvb: add ability to disable STUN
  • 264a3d8 web: add prejoin config options
  • fec78e4 jigasi: build on arm
  • c04f658 web,jvb: allow underscore in JVB_WS_SERVER_ID
  • 55a4591 prosody: configure unbound resolver
  • 576e5a9 web: start with clean config.js
  • a7f260e web,etherpad: fix default public URL
  • 0cbfbfd web: don't proxy HTTP traffic to WS endpoints
  • 7ed5063 jibri,compose: avoid mounting /dev/shm/
  • fbb8a2d jibri: switch to PulseAudio
  • e7533f8 jibri: simplify Dockerfile
  • 7e74308 jigasi: switch to Java 11
  • a9d1ed6 misc: working on unstable
  • b227b73 build: fix multiarch build


Based on stable release 7287-2.

  • ab08247 build: make sure JITSI_RELEASE is passed when invoking make
  • 5109874 prosody: update to latest stable
  • 343ef56 doc: update README
  • 829841e jibri: add support for arm64
  • 8d5a9cf jvb: fix not setting WS server ID
  • cffab8f jibri: fix log location template
  • 94833b5 doc: update README
  • d3901ba build: also release a "stable" tag
  • 9217b0a misc: working on unstable


Based on stable release 7287-1.

  • 22e727c build: adapt release process to multiarch builds
  • be422c7 jibri: update Chrome to M102
  • 1463df4 compose: add ability to override image versions
  • 7c29b57 prosody: fix reservations API
  • 8337c0b jicofo,prosody: migrate to new reservations system
  • 70c5cbf misc: update dialin numbers url setup (#1298)
  • 7790012 misc: define ENABLE_JAAS_COMPONENTS variable (#1297)
  • 62ad172 misc: update env.example
  • 74ef7de web,prosody: add support for JaaS components
  • 902a673 misc: move security options in sample file
  • 2a23095 misc: use the "unstable" tag between releases
  • 741ec4a build: add native arch building support
  • 68d97c8 ci: add GH action docker build caching
  • 8b02b8a build,ci: add initial arm64 support
  • 3b86df0 compose: add ability to change the JVB colibri REST API exposed port
  • 458515c env: add link to handbook
  • 261577c web: stop using the default config file
  • ed6ef89 web: remove config option to control FLoC
  • cb5a753 config: simplify configuration
  • b505d58 misc: add stalebot
  • 5ff2735 web: add e2eping support using env variables
  • 6284167 web: add more audio quality options
  • 515bd19 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 7287.

  • 41d6a9a jibri: bump Chrome to version 101
  • 88bb1bc feature: support multiple XMPP servers via list (#1276)
  • 95af778 jicofo: add optional XMPP_PORT value (#1275)
  • da0a43a misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 7210-2.

  • 2634e96 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 7210-1.

  • a8e6a34 prosody: completely disable external components
  • 8587d29 prosody: add mod_auth_cyrus from community libraries
  • 3a070e6 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 7210.

  • 1afa278 prosody: add temporary workaround for JWT auth
  • 6fe240a prosody: update to 0.12
  • 097558b ci: dry run Docker builds on PRs
  • eca5d16 web: fix matching etherpad location
  • 3afc1e3 prosody: update package version
  • b0617c0 web: fix Etherpad when using multi-domain
  • 0ce0f09 prosody: update version
  • 201a1b4 prosody: pin to version 0.11 for now
  • 29b4c23 prosody: use a more recent version of luarocks
  • c5b049a jvb: forward port 8080 to docker host
  • 6af7cd8 doc: update CHANGELOG
  • dd7b70b misc: working on latest


IMPORTANT: Starting with this release TCP has support has been removed from the JVB.

Based on stable release 7001.

  • 6e0dd04 base: replace frep with tpl
  • 1b51c77 feat: Enables polls for breakout rooms.
  • 0b019ee feat: Enables tenants/subdomains by default.
  • d50df67 fix: Fixes missing variable for prosody plugins.
  • 88997f5 prosody: authentication by matrix user authentication service
  • 7a93978 jvb: remove TCP support
  • c37706c misc: fix label order in dockerfiles
  • 0de062b misc: add missing quotes to labels in dockerfiles
  • 76424fd chore: add opencontainers labels to Dockerfiles
  • 3b8ed7e misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6865.

  • 8004ffe Use the new log formatters, clean up stale logging config.
  • a862e84 web: cache versioned static files
  • 48d499a web: configure remote participant video menu
  • 78791ad env.example : ETHERPAD_PUBLIC_URL : incl. /p/ path
  • a504b59 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6826.

  • 238a636 jibri: correct chromedriver mismatch
  • 555a40e doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 825b4cb misc: working on latest


IMPORTANT: This version updates Prosody to version 0.11.12 to fix CVE-2022-0217:

Based on stable release 6726-2.

  • ae3e7e7 jvb: make MUC_NICKNAME configurable
  • 0be9c8f web: allow configuring buttons in toolbar and pre-join screen
  • d9d12f0 jvb: fix resolving XMPP server aliases
  • 81dc384 jigasi: allow jigasi guest participants
  • a8a596b jicofo: configure trusted-domains for Jibri if ENABLE_RECORDING is set
  • d250ad7 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6726-1.

  • 9ac7b59 jibri: update Chrome to version 96
  • fb2326e prosody: add missing package libldap-common
  • 0600ece sample: add ENABLE_BREAKOUT_ROOMS to env.example
  • 6cf0176 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6726.

  • e9275d5 jvb: remove deprecated option
  • f40a8d5 jicofo: Handle special characters in password
  • 6f56e5b web,prosody: add breakout rooms support
  • 3208296 base: update base images to Debian Bullseye
  • b02a689 env: fix unexpected character bug with recent docker desktop
  • b5dbfa0 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6433.

  • 487bcca jvb: try to use the correct IP as the default server ID
  • 9e982fe examples: move to jitsi-contrib
  • 192a623 jvb: add ability to configure the shutdown API
  • 5dcf7b4 compose: changed REACTIONS env variable name in docker-compose file
  • d94f4b6 jvb: remove unneeded alias
  • 7cd71a2 jibri: default to recording in 720p
  • bee4b6a jibri: use new configuration file
  • 76a16a8 jvb: use modern config for ice4j
  • 18ac85b jibri: allow graceful shutdown of the container
  • 3c19ed6 jibri: uppdate Chrome to version 94
  • b858b37 base-java: update to Java 11
  • 2061b86 misc: enable features by default
  • 343062b misc: fix/ improve shebang compatibility
  • ff8c1c2 web: regenerate interface_config.js on every boot
  • bda1502 prosody: simplify code
  • cfd8d3c web: add config options for polls and reactions
  • 537fcd5 misc: add support for sentry logging
  • be1da0e misc: cleanup Dockerfiles
  • 09cf0a8 web: add env variables for configuring vp9
  • 3df32d9 web: persist crontabs for letsencrypt
  • f748484 jicofo: add enable-auto-login config option
  • 96419ba web: remove no longer needed code
  • 1835d65 web: recreate interface_config.js on container restart
  • b555d41 jicofo: fix boolean values in configuration file
  • 6be198c misc: remove quotation marks from TURN configuration (#1111)
  • 407a98d misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 6173.

  • c95f0d6 prosody: add support for A/V Moderation
  • 856e414 prosody: add ability to configure external TURN server
  • bcae3b1 prosody: add domain mapper options to default configuration
  • cf90461 web: fix pre and post hooks
  • 65563d9 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5963.

  • 6f6fe77 prosody: enable limits
  • db3d790 prosody: fix: restrict room creation to jicofo (#1059)
  • 281db36 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5870.

  • d9b84cf jibri: set base URL for joining meetings
  • a77a43e jibri: update default Chrome version to 90
  • a90e4ce doc: drop confusing port number from PUBLIC_URL
  • 8620caa doc: clarify env variable
  • 6f52f71 web: add FLoC environment variable
  • 014aa59 web: add default language variable
  • ce25bf6 doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 6bf1336 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5765.

  • 7a47202 jicofo: make sure client-proxy is properly configured
  • 5c32833 web: add start environment variables START_WITH_AUDIO_MUTED; START_SILENT; START_WITH_VIDEO_MUTED
  • 3d93f2b misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5765.

  • 9bc262a prosody: fix building unstable images
  • 0cbe0d9 web: add a env variable to enable/disable deep linking
  • b22421b misc: publish nightly unstable images
  • 78699fe web: allow to configure shard name using env variable
  • a6853ef jvb: add octo configuration options
  • d6fac8e jicofo: disable octo by default
  • 1fa5048 doc: add link to Kubernetes setup
  • e1cebcc web,jvb: add ability to disable web sockets for colibri
  • 6c4dce1 jicofo: fix ENABLE_SCTP type
  • 953a4d2 jicofo: use a client proxy connection
  • d27336b web: always try to renew cert on container boot
  • 73acbad web: remove deprecated config option
  • cb4d941 web: removed duplicate host headers
  • ec570ba k8s: fix PodSecurityPolicy
  • c4fc3d3 web: make a custom interface config possible
  • b45b505 web: always install when container starts
  • 94ca16d etherpad: remove quotes from all env vars
  • c89ccc9 jicofo: reintroduce shibboleth auth
  • a6486b4 examples: update traefik v2 example
  • f4ec023 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5390-3.

  • a698da5 misc: add jicofo reservation env variables to compose
  • 86c3022 web: brandingDataUrl -> dynamicBrandingUrl
  • 88e950d jicofo: fix healthcheck
  • 493cbdd misc: fix typo
  • e12d7f2 web : Add DESKTOP_SHARING_FRAMERATE_MIN and MAX env vars
  • fa98a31 examples: fix k8s example
  • 88d1034 doc: add port to PUBLIC_URL
  • c876b40 doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 5cf14b0 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5390-2.

  • 3e04fb4 prosody: fix lobby when authentication is enabled
  • 24781e3 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5390-1.

  • 3ac5397 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5390.

  • 0f541c8 jicofo: migrate to new config
  • 12823cb prosody: fix jibri recording websocket error
  • 7594ea2 jigasi: add ability to control SIP default room for incoming calls
  • b0e653a jigasi: fix when using authentication
  • 4564170 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5142-4.

  • 6f7b2b4 prosody: add internal domain name to default cross-domains list
  • ada7b95 jvb: fix check for JVB_TCP_HARVESTER_DISABLED
  • a7fb101 jibri: don't provide a non-existing finalizer path
  • d013053 jibri: add missing dependency for kill command
  • 0b25141 web: Add ENABLE_HSTS flag to disable strict-transport-security header
  • f856037 web: add more config options
  • eedac14 web: add ability to disable IPv6
  • af6f3ac doc: update CHANGELOG
  • e3bb5c1 misc: working on latest


Important: This release should fix some update problems users found in -1 and -2 versions. The main problem observed is the introduction of XMPP WebSockets, which requires extra configuration for the /xmpp-wesocket route if a reverse proxy is used in front of this setup. Pure docker-compose installations don't need any changes.

Based on stable release 5142-3.

  • c2c6460 prosody: fix cross-domain WS default value
  • 8261f72 jicofo,jigase: add ability to extend the config file
  • 6a4887d web: use env variables to set worker processes and connections
  • 5679578 prosody: add env var to config cross domain settings
  • effb30b prosody: always rebuild configs on start
  • 905d431 jicofo,jigasi: always rebuild configs on start
  • c52b64a misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5142-2.

  • 700c04a web: properly handle return codes
  • 4cb181c web: install acme certs to persistent storage
  • 1d2c68a web: fix running on the right home directory
  • 5c44a84 misc: stop using apt-key, it's deprecated
  • 5f06c3a doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 0f780b4 misc: working on latest


Important: This release includes 2 major changes: migrating the base image to Debian Buster and replacing certbot with for getting Letś Encrypt certificates. Please report any problems you find!

Based on stable release 5142-1.

  • b0cb4a1 web: update TLS config to Mozilla security guidelines
  • 0601212 web: replace certbot with
  • 43f678d build: refactor Makefile
  • b00f92a web: use Python 3 only for certbot
  • 880b9b0 core: update base image to Debian Buster
  • ba01190 web: prevent s6 from restarting cron if it shouldn't be run
  • 42a4346 etherpad: use official image and making skin full width
  • c36c4d0 web: always rebuild nginx configs on start
  • aea4411 Adds private server.
  • 6b69576 web: add ability to configure tokenAuthUrl
  • ff6d9bc Fix websocket
  • e5746ae misc: add ENABLE_PREJOIN_PAGE to .env
  • 465816b web,prosody: turn on XMPP WebSocket by default
  • d747bfb web,prosody: add XMPP WebSocket / Stream Management support
  • 130eb55 jvb: migrate to new config file
  • 5290499 doc: updated link for running behind NAT
  • 7cb470c misc: support/encourage usage of ShellCheck
  • 04a210f misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 5142.

  • 7ab45bb web: add ability to configure prejoin page
  • 0c95794 jvb: regenerate config on every boot
  • 3ef2221 jvb: add ability to set the WS domain with an env var
  • 79d2601 jvb: add ability to specify set the WS_SERVER_ID with an env var
  • b277926 jvb: make colibri websocket endpoints dynamic for multiple jvbs
  • 991f695 web: remove no longer needed settings
  • 8b7cbc3 revert "jicofo: no auth URL in JWT auth mode"
  • 33b386b jvb: add missing variable to docker-compose
  • 087f024 web: configure brandingDataUrl with env variables
  • a404653 web: configure startAudioOnly using environment variable
  • e195cbf jvb: make jvb apis available from outside the container
  • 409cade web: configure Matomo using environment variables
  • b731c60 doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 0fbf3b7 misc: working on latest


Important: Starting with this release config.js is autogenerated with every container boot. In addition, bridge channels now using WebSocket. Some setups may break on upgrade.

Based on stable release 5076.

  • 5ceaf5f web: add IPv6 support
  • aff3775 xmpp: allow recorders to bypass lobby
  • ad5625b jvb: switch to WebSocket based bridge channels
  • 8110336 web: add ability to configure the nginx resolver
  • 2f47518 jicofo: no auth URL in JWT auth mode
  • c149463 web: build config.js on each boot
  • c792bbc base: update frep
  • bec928c prosody: configure lobby on the guest domain is necessary
  • bcbd977 jicofo: pass XMPP_MUC_DOMAIN through docker-compose.yml
  • 8f9caa4 jicofo: set XMPP_MUC_COMPONENT_PREFIX
  • 2a0120d web: set security headers also for non HTTPS
  • e6586f2 jvb: set LOCAL_ADDRESS to the correct local IP (#630)
  • 97f5e75 base: optimize size
  • b78c89e misc: minor Dockerfile Improvements
  • a754519 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 4857.

  • a81ad73 prosody: add support for lobby
  • baed605 web: fix removing closed captions button if transcription is enabled
  • edecacd etherpad: add ability to use a external server
  • a7563d4 jvb: use JVB_TCP_PORT for exposing the port
  • b235ea1 prosody: disable s2s module
  • 1d428a8 prosody: use a 2-stage build
  • 613c26c misc: working on latest
  • 4d72ee3 release: stable-4627-1
  • 22b7063 examples: update Traefik v1 example
  • 1381b08 prosody: fix installing dependdencies
  • 2900c11 misc: add extra line to tag message
  • c57a84b misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 4627-1.

  • 1381b08 prosody: fix installing dependdencies
  • 2900c11 misc: add extra line to tag message
  • c57a84b misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 4627.

  • fdf5030 prosody: update configuration
  • afafe23 prosody: shrink container size
  • 8e7ea34 base: fix setting timezone
  • 58441ae doc: update README
  • 3c12526 etherpad: update to version 1.8.4
  • 0038e71 jibri: install extra dependency
  • 0615ed6 doc: add missing volumes to quick start
  • 2781865 doc: clarify usage of
  • a8d0b6c build: add PHONY target for "release"
  • d4a35a6 misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 4548-1.

  • abf2f73 jicofo: fix setting incorrect auth URL scheme for JWT
  • 3472ab0 jicofo: add ability to configure health checks
  • ec3622b jibri: install jitsi-upload-integrations by default
  • 0e7bc91 etherpad: pin image version
  • 4fa50b9 jwt: do not load token_verification module with disabled authentication
  • b0d76a2 jibri: add jq dep for upload integrations
  • 53b58fd jvb: add jq, curl deps for
  • 2d063ad doc: update installation instructions
  • e73df5f misc: working on latest


Based on stable release 4548.

  • a79fc0c misc: add release script
  • 0f0adc8 compose: add image tag to compose files
  • 0177765 misc: fix config volumes to work with SELinux
  • eae3f5c jibri: chrome/driver 78 as a stopgap
  • 78df6a4 doc: delete unnecessary dot
  • 4426ed8 jibri: fix case when /dev/snd is not bound (#240 (comment))
  • 125775a web: fix WASM MIME type
  • e70975e web: enable GZIP compression for more file types
  • 774aba5 misc: set ddefault timezone to UTC
  • 3c3fc19 prosody: enable speaker stats and conferene duration modules
  • f911df2 jvb: set JVB_TCP_MAPPED_PORT default value
  • 1205170 jvb: allow TCP_HARVESTER_MAPPED_PORT to be configured
  • f7796a1 prosody: add volume /prosody-plugins-custom to docker-compose
  • d44230e prosody: use hashed xmpp auth


Based on stable release 4416.

  • b039b29 web: use certbot-auto
  • b95c95d web: improve nginx configuration
  • 2dd6b99 k8s: specify namespace for secret
  • 7aa2d81 ldap: avoid unnecessary copy
  • e1b47db exampless: update Traefik v2 example with UDP
  • 0940605 doc: fix typos and minor grammar issues in README
  • 1c4b11c doc: correct minor mistake
  • c06867b doc: added steps for updating kernel manually in AWS installation
  • dc46215 web: remove DHE suites support
  • 367621f prosody: remove no longer needed patch
  • 34e6601 doc: clarify acronym
  • 2c95ab7 web: revert using PUBLIC_URL for BOSH URL
  • 7fd7e2b Add docker-compose.override.yml to .gitignore (#438)
  • 67a941b misc: update shell code
  • 4e2cec6 misc: add configurable service restart policy
  • 729f9d2 doc: fix typo in env.example


Important security note: Previous releases included default passwords for system accounts, and users who didn't change them are at risk of getting the authentication system circumvented by an attacker using a system account with the default password. Please update and use the provided script (instructions on the README) to generate a strong password for each system account.

Thanks joernchen for the security report.

Based on stable release 4384.

  • 768b6c4 security: fail to start if using the old default password
  • 1ffd472 security: add script to generate strong passwords
  • a015710 security: don't provide default passwords
  • aaec22d jigasi: fix typo in config
  • ebfa142 docs: fix grammar and typos
  • bab77e0 doc: update env.example
  • 7652807 examples: traefik v2
  • 10983b4 prosody: prevent item-not-found error in certain cases
  • 3524a52 base: fail to start the container if the init script fails
  • 7c0c795 jicofo: only configure Jigasi brewery if Jigasi is configured
  • 40c2920 build: add prepare command
  • 93ba770 prosody: fix installing prosody from the right repository
  • 3c07d76 doc: improve wording of README
  • ed410d9 doc: fix typo
  • fabfb2a doc: fix typo
  • 5e6face web: use PUBLIC_URL for etherpaad base and BOSH URLs
  • 264df04 jvb: switch to using Jitsi's STUN server by default
  • 655cf6b web,prosody,jvb: prepare for new stable release
  • ebb4536 doc: update CHANGELOG
  • 06c3a83 doc: fix references to running behind NAT in the README


Based on stable release 4101.

  • b15bb28 prosody: update to latest stable version
  • 75cb31b doc: add build instructions to README
  • 25dbde9 doc: fix typo
  • badc2d4 doc: add examples/README
  • f6f6ca6 Merge branch 'dev'
  • 52a1449 doc: clarify DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS
  • f26c9e6 prosody: fix ldap config template
  • cd4a071 web: check for certbot's success and exit in case of a failure
  • dea8d6c doc: fix typo
  • 573c6fa doc: update diagrams
  • 29125fd examples: add minimal example to run jitsi behind traefik


Based on stable release 4101.

  • b0def9a prosody: use epoll backend
  • 8fa9f94 web: update nginx config from upstream
  • 2f17380 doc: clarify account registration command
  • edfd8f2 ldap: actually fix anonymous binds (Fixes #234)
  • f4ac7cc misc: remove bogus quotation marks
  • 0a68be1 jibri: start once jicofo has started
  • 76acc65 doc: add tip re. ports to open on firewall to README
  • e92a00c ldap: fix anonymous binds
  • df40447 ldap: add option for ldap starttls support
  • 1ebc535 doc: make localhost link in README clickable
  • 33abdf3 doc: add mkdir -p ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/... to README
  • 2c93dce doc: fix typo in README
  • d7bb2e6 doc: clarify HTTP vs HTTPS in README
  • a1df1e0 Revert "prosody: fix restart loop on rolling deployment"
  • 986071b jigasi: add missing transcription volumes to dockerfile
  • 01eca74 jigasi: generate google cloud credentials from env vars
  • cc2c042 prosody: fix restart loop on rolling deployment
  • 5423a8a examples: adding simple kubernetes example
  • 6eebabd jicofo: set owner jicofo rights for /config directory
  • 69ba9ff jigasi: Updates jigasi client default options.
  • 2b9a13b jicofo: add support of reservation REST API
  • 8bfe7fb jicofo: add support of reservation REST API
  • 9b17c05 web: fix letsencrypt renewal
  • 6234a18 web: fix letsencrypt renewal