A Java implementation of the ICE protocol
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mstyura and bbaldino Stun server transaction: reduce number of threads used for expiration. (

* Reorder fields so final fields set in constructor come first, then mutable state of transaction.

* Rename STUN transaction lifetime field.

* Eliminate isRetransmitting field which is actually computed property from response != null

* Use monotonic clock (System.nanoTime) to check expiration. Replaced synchronized methods with atomic variables.

* Re-factored TransactionID implementation. Use less mutable state. Fixed hash function to produce random values, instead of sequentially growing values.

* Do no perform full Hashtable lookup to find transaction with specified ID.

* Use check before acquiring lock in StunStack.

* Implement ScheduledExecutorService based expired transaction collector.

* Restored self-cancel of expired server transactions collector when no server transactions at all.

* Fixed isExpire check in StunServerTransaction

* Fixed collection runnable to remove not only values but also keys from Hashtable.

* Perform elapsed check over milliseconds, not nanoseconds.

* Do not leave null values in clientTransactions/serverTransactions Hashtables when removing transaction, but leaving it's ID in Hashtable.

* Remove condition around cheap logger calls.

* Minor formatting fixes.

* Log number of non-expired transactions after collection to verity it is not growing over time.

* Fixed multi-line string formatting.

* Moved construction of ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor to helper method. Adjusted default settings of pool.

* Allow to create single threaded pool as well as bounded to number of CPUs on machine pool.

* Fixed name collision with same class in other package.

* Minor styling changes to reduce diff.

* Removed unused import.

* Do check of response when it's actually supposed to be non null.

* Add actual length to error message.

* Allow transaction ID of incorrect size.

* Allow constructing TransactionID with invalid length.

* Rollback all refactoring other than reducing thread count.

* Use default 1 minute timeout for threads in pool.

* Fixed typo in method name.
Latest commit 3239ed1 Nov 20, 2018



The Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) protocol combines various NAT traversal utilities such as the STUN and TURN protocols in order to offer a powerful mechanism that allows Offer/Answer based protocols such as SIP and XMPP to traverse NATs.

This project provides a Java implementation of the ICE protocol that would be usable by both SIP and XMPP applications. The project also provides features such as socket sharing and support for Pseudo TCP.

ice4j is maintained by the Jitsi community. Use Jitsi's dev mailing list for questions and discussions.


Work on this project was graciously funded by the NLnet Foundation. Thank you!