A Java implementation of the ICE protocol
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mstyura and bbaldino Do not explicitly create threads in PacketQueue (#157)
* Do not explicitly create threads in PacketQueue, but borrow threads for execution from ExecutorService.

* Added method to release created packet in PacketQueue.

* Added constructor overload to override default ExecutorService of PacketQueue.

* Fixed inconsistent formatting.

* Added throttling support to PacketQueue.

* Added performance tests for various configurations of PacketQueue.

* Updated comments.

* Added test for fixed size thread pool to compare it with ForkJoinPool.

* Fixed comments.

* Changed default values of PacketQueue configuration to closer match old implementation.

* Removed unused constants.

* Added tests to reveal introduced bug. Fixed bug.

* Fixed comments in PacketsQueue.

* Do not hard code class name in thread pool name.

* Return 0 when handler is null (should be not be reachable, but anyway).

* Added test to check capacity constraint of PacketQueue.

* Replaced manual capacity check with checking offer return value.

* Made throttler class static.

* Added test to check that PacketQueue thread is release without work.

* Do GC before running performance benchmark.

* Fixed formatting and added timeout.

* Added test to check cooperative multi-tasking behavior when executor is shared between queues and has less threads then executor has.

* Minor code rearrangement.

* Use dedicated syncronization object for sate of AsyncPacketReader.

* Stop PacketQueue when benchmark is finished.

* Added constant for number of benchmark iterations.

* Minor code style enhancements.

* Added myself to the list of authors.

* Added test to check that million of PacketQueue can share single thread without eating CPU when idle.

* Extracted AsyncQueueHandler class.

* Fixed imports.

* Minor fixes.

* Minimize diff by undoing unnecessary changes.

* Minimized diff.

* Reduce diff.

* Added constructor argument null checks.

* Removed throttling and simplified AsyncQueueHandler.

* Reviewed usage of syncronized blocks.

* Moved variable closer to usage.

* Fixed according to code review.

* Added extra constructor.

* Removed cancel from onYield because it's unnecessary after removing throttling.

* Rearranged onYield and handleQueueItemsUntilEmpty, introduced rescheduleReader

* Updated copyright.
Latest commit c325421 Dec 12, 2018



The Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) protocol combines various NAT traversal utilities such as the STUN and TURN protocols in order to offer a powerful mechanism that allows Offer/Answer based protocols such as SIP and XMPP to traverse NATs.

This project provides a Java implementation of the ICE protocol that would be usable by both SIP and XMPP applications. The project also provides features such as socket sharing and support for Pseudo TCP.

ice4j is maintained by the Jitsi community. Use Jitsi's dev mailing list for questions and discussions.


Work on this project was graciously funded by the NLnet Foundation. Thank you!