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A Chrome extension for Calendar integrations for Jitsi Meet


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A Chrome extension for calendar integration (Google Calendar and Office 365).

How to create your own extension for your Jitsi Meet installation

Each Jitsi Meet installation needs a customised extension. There is only one small JSON file to adapt. You have to create the extension and distribute it, either through Google Chrome's Web Store or by telling your users how to install the CRX file.

Create the extension

Edit the manifest.json file. You must adapt the externally_connectable URL:

"matches": [

Do not include any port information.

You might also want to edit the name, the description, the version or to replace the icons.

Then, according to , go inside Chrome to "chrome://extensions", click on the Developer Mode, and "Pack extension". The result is a CRX file and, if you do this for the first time, a private key used for later updates.

Install your own extension

Install your own extension into your Chrome. One way is to drag the CRX file into the "chrome://extensions" window.

When Chrome shows it among your installed extensions, you will also see its hash ID.

Distribute your extension manually to your users

You can send the CRX file to your users and tell them how to install it. For example, you might want to put it directly onto your Jitsi Meet server (webroot in /usr/share/jitsi-meet). This would only be helpful for downloading the extension, as Chrome will not allow a direct installation from your site.


A Chrome extension for Calendar integrations for Jitsi Meet







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