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dpoon Use regexes to match ALPN protocols (#5651)
nginx presents the client's list of ALPN protocols as
$ssl_preread_alpn_protocols, a comma-separated string.  Use regular
expressions to match each item in the list, rather than the exact value
of the entire list at once.
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debian Use regexes to match ALPN protocols (#5651) Apr 5, 2020
example-config-files doc: add more websocket examples Jan 24, 2020
examples fix(docs): change parentNode option name in api example Dec 15, 2018 doc: add documentation index Apr 3, 2020 external_api: add ability to send a text message through datachannels Mar 20, 2020 docs: document the services which jitsi meet can consume Aug 14, 2017
cloud-api.swagger Adds new format of phoneList service and re-design dial in numbers pa… Feb 26, 2019 [RN] Rename jitsi-meet-react to jitsi-meet May 16, 2017 doc: move development sections to standalone file Sep 19, 2019 Correct link regarding FAQ NAT install Mar 16, 2020 Adds integrations doc. (#3929) Feb 28, 2019 doc: clarify required Node / npm versions Mar 30, 2020 doc(dropbox): Add documentation for the mobile app. Sep 27, 2018 doc: update google auth doc May 10, 2019 doc: add links to the sample SDK applications repo Apr 17, 2019 doc: use sudo Apr 1, 2020 Adds provider name to fix welcomepage text. Mar 15, 2019 Adds server-side speaker stats handling. Dec 28, 2018 grammer and spelling fixes Jun 21, 2018


This document is the entrypoint to different guides, divided in three groups:

  • User guide: these documents are designed to help users of the service, to better understand all the available features and how to use them.

  • Developer guide: these documents are designed to help developers who want to either integrate the Jitsi Meet API / SDK in their products or want to improve Jitsi Meet itself by developing new features or fixing bugs.

  • DevOps guide: these documents are designed for DevOps folks, system administrators or anyone who wishes to deploy and operate their own Jitsi Meet instance.

User guide

Work in progress.

Developer guide



DevOps guide

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