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How to contribute

We would love to have your help. Before you start working however, please read and follow this short guide.

Reporting Issues

Before you open an issue on GitHub, please discuss it on one of our mailing lists and wait for a confirmation from one of the committers. Once you have that confirmation, please proceed to reporting the issue on Github, while providing as much information as possible. Mention the version of Jitsi you are using, your operating system and explain how the problem can be reproduced.

Please note that issues that are reported against a version older than the current stable release will be closed without further investigation. If you discover however that the issue also exists in an older version, this is useful information. Even more useful is to know if it worked in a specific version and stopped working in a subsequent version. This will help developers pinpoint the issue. Also useful is to test the nightly build.


Please go to our translation website, which is a Pootle instance that allows for easy online translation. Many languages are already there and waiting for completion.

If your preferred language is not yet created, please drop us an e-mail. Be aware though that completing a new language will be quite some effort, so be sure you actually want to take on that work and translate more than a few words.

Please do not create any pull requests for the files, as they will be overwritten with what comes from Pootle. The only exception is if you find mistakes in the language file for English.

For more information, e.g. how to translate offline visit the How To Translate Jitsi on our website.

Code contributions

Found a bug and know how to fix it? Great! Please read on.

Contributor License Agreement

While Jitsi is released under the Apache License, the copyright holder and principal creator is Atlassian. To ensure that we can continue making Jitsi available under an open source license, we need you to sign our Apache-based contributor license agreement as either a corporation or an individual. If you cannot accept the terms laid out in the agreement, unfortunately, we cannot accept your contribution.

Coding Rules

  • Please read and follow the code conventions, especially the limit on 80 characters per line.
  • Do not reformat existing code.
  • Command-Line build instructions
  • How to set up Eclipse
  • Read the tutorials (some of this information might be a bit dated, but it is still a very useful resource)

Creating Pull Requests

  • Perform one logical change per pull request.
  • Maintain a clean list of commits, squash them if necessary.
  • Rebase your topic branch on top of the master branch before creating the pull request.