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fix(JSPC): fix addIceCandidate crash on FF

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paweldomas committed Feb 20, 2017
1 parent c74b188 commit 9172dd406448909b37fed52c2f6ce982606b334b
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@@ -394,7 +394,10 @@ export default class JingleSessionPC extends JingleSession {
// FIXME this code does not care to handle non-bundle transport
const rtcCandidate = new RTCIceCandidate({
sdpMLineIndex: 0,
sdpMid: "audio",
// FF comes up with more complex names like audio-23423,
// Given that it works on both Chrome and FF without
// providing it, let's leave it like this for the time being
//sdpMid: "audio",
candidate: line
// Will delay the addition until the remoteDescription is set

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