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Jitsu is an open source high-performance data integration service. It can:

  • Capture events your application generates and stream to Data Warehouse;
  • Pull data from APIs and save it to Data Warehouse

Read more about our features and check out the platform overview!

Quick Start

The easiest way to start Jitsu locally is using docker-compose:

git clone
cd jitsu
docker-compose up

The build might take a while (up to 10 mins). Visit http://localhost:7000 after the build is complete.

To learn more check out Jitsu deployment documentation:

Also, we maintain a Jitsu.Cloud — a hosted version of Jitsu. Jitsu.Cloud is free for up to 250,000 events per month. Each project comes with demo PostgresSQL Database (up 10,000 records).


Please see our extensive documentation here. Key sections include:

  • Deployment - Getting EventNative running on Heroku, Docker, and building from source.
  • Configuration - How to modify EventNative's yaml file.
  • Geo Data - Configuring data enrichment with MaxMind.
  • Scaling - How to setup a distributed deployment of EventNative.

Reporting Bugs and Contributing Code