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Pulling and Building RKVST Docs
2021-05-20 12:03:27 +0100
2021-05-20 12:03:27 +0100
  1. To begin pull the latest RKVST docs from Github.
git clone
  1. Move into the directory.
cd rkvst-doks
  1. Install the DOKS Dependencies.
npm install

Note: If you do not have npm installed please use the following guide:

{{< tabs name="tab_with_code" >}} {{{< tab name="Ubuntu" codelang="bash" >}} apt install npm {{< /tab >}} {{< tab name="Cent OS/RHEL" codelang="bash" >}} yum install npm {{< /tab >}}} {{< tab name="MacOS" codelang="bash" >}} brew install npm {{< /tab >}} {{< /tabs >}}
4. To run a local RKVST Docs Server it is advisable to use the jitsuin-doks wrapper

rkvst-doks start

This will build a local version of the server that can be accessed at http://localhost:1313.

You can keep this running in the background while making any edits and the developer server should automatically pick up your changes for you.

{{< note >}} Note: The development server logs to stdout by default, you will need to keep the Terminal Session open while in use. {{< /note>}}

  1. To stop the Doks Server use ctrl+c in the Terminal Session you started it in.