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👉163MusicLyrics Use Guide

  • 支持网易云、QQ音乐两家音乐提供商 Support 163Music, QQMusic Music Provider
  • 支持输入歌曲 ID、输入专辑 ID、完整链接的方式进行查询 Support input song ID, enter album ID, full url way to query
  • 支持批量查询 && 扫盘查询 Support batch query && scan directory query
  • 支持多种歌词原文和译文的组织方式 Support multiple original lyrics and translation lyrics organization
  • 支持提取(部分)歌曲试听链接 Support extraction (part) song audition link
  • 支持多种保存命名规则、文件编码格式 Support multiple saving naming rules, file encoding format
  • 支持 LRC 或 SRT 输出格式 Support lrc or srt output format
  • 日文歌曲支持罗马音 Support romaji in japanese songs


进入 GitHub Release 页下载最新版本即可,您可点击 ChangeLog 查看不同版本的变更。

Enter Github Release page to download the latest version, you can click Changelog View different versions of changes.



您可访问 163MusicLyrics Projects 了解项目当前阶段的工作计划,如您愿意在其中贡献力量,您可以:

  • 将您的想法或发现的 BUG 填写在 issuses 中,我将不定期的进行处理
  • Fork 项目,并提交您的 Pull Requests

You can access 163MusiclyRics Projects to understand the current phase of the project, such as you are willing to contribute power, you can:

  • Write feature or bug to Issuses, I will deal it sometimes

  • Fork Projects, and commit pull requests

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


本项目部分功能借鉴以下项目 Some feature of this project reference other projects:


如果本项目为您带来方便,欢迎 Star 来让更多人发现和使用它。本项目为个人维护项目,如果您愿意请作者喝一瓶可乐的话,欢迎打赏。

If this project brings you convenience, welcome to star to let more people discover and use it. This project is a personal maintenance project. If you are willing to ask the author to drink a bottle of cola, welcome to donate.


If you choose to donate, remember to note your nickname, I will register to this page.