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Jive Derby is an open-source project combining IoT, Legos, Pinewood Derby and Jive!
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Jive Derby

The following documentation is available to understand how the Jive Derby operates from the ground up. Feel free to use this solution to power your own Jive Derby and/or as a reference for building multi-faceted Jive Add-Ons.

Architecture Overview

Jive Derby Architecture Overview

Local Environment - Raspberry Pi 3

For more details, see README

Cloud Environment - Amazon AWS

For more details, see the README

External References

Special Recognition

As with most awesome projects, it is never done on an island. The following are some companies who were pivotal in making the Jive Derby experience come to life.

Silicon Labs

Special thanks to the team at Silicon Labs for the inspiration and support with their awesome (and easy to use) environmental sensors, such as the Thunderboard React and Sense.

Special thanks to Robert at for not only stocking the Derby Track, Electronic Timer and supporting Lego hardware, but also for sharing his technical knowledge regarding the specs for the Derby Timer and solenoid starter, which allowed us to fully automate the race experience from our Raspberry Pi! If you have a desire to run the Jive Derby on your own, we strongly recommend giving Derby Magic a shout.

Special Thanks Alan Shreve at ngrok for creating an amazing and invaluable tool with such great features. Not only does ngrok expedite the development life-cycle for cloud-based solutions, it (in this case), enables secure on-the-ground bootstrapping of locally run services to be discovered with minimal requirements on the available internet service!

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