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Repo for hosting Chocolatey packages
PowerShell JavaScript AutoHotkey AutoIt Batchfile
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ABC-Update Adding ABC-Update
BGInfo Adding BGInfo
DotNet4.6-TargetPack DotNet4.6-TargetPack
DotNet4.6 DotNet4.6-TargetPack
Excel.Viewer Viewers for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
Indihiang Adding Indihiang
Intel.SSD.Toolbox Intel.SSD.Toolbox, SyncBack, WindowsSystemControlCenter
LogParser.LizardGui Refreshing LogParser.LizardGui
LogParser Cleanup of deprecated command
MBCA Microsoft SQL - Best Practice Analyzer - 2008 and 2012
NimbleText NimbleText - adding new owner
PAL Cleanup of deprecated command
PerfView Adding PerfView
Powerpoint.Viewer Viewers for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
ProcDump Adding ProcDump
Project.2010.SDK Cleanup of deprecated command
QueryExPlus Cleanup of deprecated command
SQLBPA.2008 Microsoft SQL - Best Practice Analyzer - 2008 and 2012
SQLBPA.2012 Microsoft SQL - Best Practice Analyzer - 2008 and 2012
Safari Adding Safari for Windows
Sharepoint.2010.SDK Sharepoint 2010 SDK
SourcePreviewHandler Adding SourcePreviewHandler
SourceTree removed deprecated packages that have been moved to automatic packages
SqlDiagManager Cleanup of deprecated command
SqlNexus Adding SqlNexus
SyncBack Intel.SSD.Toolbox, SyncBack, WindowsSystemControlCenter
VisualStudio2015Community Changed uninstall method
VisualStudio2015Enterprise Changed uninstall method
VisualStudio2015Professional Changed uninstall method
VisualStudioCode Updates - VSCode, VS2013
VisualStudioCommon Changed uninstall method
VisualStudioCommunity2013 Updates - VSCode, VS2013
VisualStudioExpress2012TFS Adding VisualStudioExpress2012TFS
VisualStudioExpress2012TeamExplorer Adding VisualStudioExpress2012TeamExplorer
VisualStudioExpress2012Windows8 Adding VisualStudioExpress2012Windows8
VisualStudioExpress2012WindowsPhone Adding VisualStudioExpress2012WindowsPhone
VisualStudioExpress2013Windows VisualStudio Express 2013 for Windows
VisualStudioExpress2013WindowsDesktop Updating icon for VisualStudioExpress2013WindowsDesktop
WindowsPhone8SDK Refreshing versions for package publishing
WindowsSystemControlCenter Intel.SSD.Toolbox, SyncBack, WindowsSystemControlCenter
Word.Viewer Viewers for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
cwrsync Own version of the cwrsync package
jivkok.AutoHotKey Cleanup of deprecated command
jivkok.BoxStarter1 Misc updates
jivkok.Dev1 Updating
jivkok.GitConfig Locate git.exe if not on path
jivkok.Shell Locate git.exe if not on path
jivkok.SublimeText3.Packages SublimeText: use new location for the package control
jivkok.Tools Added packages
jivkok.VSExtensions.2013 Added packages
.gitignore Some Chocolatey packages Initial commit


Repo for hosting Chocolatey packages

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