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Multi-sense learning algorithm using Chinese Restaurant Process

Implementations of multi-sense learning algorithm using Chinese Restaurant Processes in "Do Multi-Sense Embeddings Improve Natural Language Understanding" by Jiwei Li and Dan Jurafsky, EMNLP 2015

##Folders pretrained_embedding: one can upload pretrained embeddings trained from different neural language models. The model will fix the pre-trained embeddings as global embeddings and learn multi-sense embeddings. You can also choose to pre-train a standard word2vect skip-gram models first using hierarchical softmax.

joint_training: the model jointly learns multi-sense embeddings alongside with global embeddings. Negative sampling is applied.

Inference, given learned sense-specific embeddings and global embeddings, calculate the context-based sense embeddings.

Input Files

train_file.txt: each line correponds to a sequence of indexed tokens. frequency.txt: word occuring probability for each token found in train_file.txt. The first line in frequency.txt corresponds to the occuring probability for word indexed by 0, the second line to the occuring probability of word 1 and so forth


-load_embedding: if -load_embedding takes value of 1, the code will load already-learned gloabl embeddings, pre-stored in the following input variable "-embedding_file small_vect". If -load_embedding takes value of 0, the code would learn global embeddings from skip-gram.

Output Files


word 0 sense0 0.9720543502482059 Meaning that sense 0 for 0th word has 0.986 of occuring probability, followed by the corresponding embedding for current sense. The probability is computed from Chinese Restaurant Processes, which will be used in the later sense induction procedure.

if load_embedding takes value of 0, the code ouputs the calculated global embeddings. "file_name"_vect_global: each line corresponds to the learned embedding for an indexed word, e.g., the first line corresponds to embedding for word indexed by 0, second line to word 1, and so forth.


in directory Preprocessing, text.txt is a small sample of txt (a massively larger dataset is needed to train meaningful representations). Run: python vocabsize output_dictionary_file output_frequency_file output_index_file input_text_file, for example: python 20000 ../dictionary.txt ../frequency.txt ../train_file.txt text.txt

sh input parameters: -isGreedy: whether adopt greedy strategy (taking value 1) or expectation strategy (taking value 0)

Potential Program Crashes

You might encounter the situation where the project crashes when you change some of the hyperparameters due to the conflicts of parameter updates from parallel running. In that case, please set thread-num to be 1 and use single thread.

For any question, feel free to contact

    title={Do Multi-Sense Embeddings Improve Natural Language Understanding?},
    author={Li, Jiwei and Jurafsky, Dan},
    journal={EMNLP 2015},